Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life with the girls...

WOW, I cannot believe how busy my life has suddenly become... and I thought we were busy before with just Ali! I literally fall into bed at night- head to pillow asleep! Life has become a whirl-wind!

I've included in this post a pic of Sweet Avery under the jaundice lights... we had to re-admit to the hospital on Friday, May 7, for 3 days- it was horrible! Ali could not understand why momma and baby were gone again... and I just wanted to be home to settle into our routine. It was heartbreaking when KK and Ali would come visit and then have to leave again...
however,the biggest blessing was on Mother's Day- when Avery's bilirubin levels came down manageable and we were sent home! KK had a perfect BBQ'd hamburger waiting for me (my favorite) and we all cried with joy to have our family together.

For now, we are settling into life as a family of four. I feel so happy and blessed- I have never felt this exuberant in my life. It's like I have everything I could ever dream of having. We are such a lucky family- loving life and trying to soak in every moment!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Avery's story

Avery finally came last Wednesday! It is hard to believe it has been 1 week already... what whirlwind! The good news is she is a great baby, and Ali loves her so much :) We are finally a happy family!

So on Tuesday, May 4, I went to the doctor and was dilated to a 4. The doctor could not believe I was not in labor yet (I couldn't either!) and she thought I would definitely go into labor that night. I came home and contractions started... and then came to a dead stop at 11:00pm. I was so pissed- I couldn't sleep, I was in shock and depressed, thinking she would have to be induced. I woke up Wednesday and got ready for work, and sent KK and Ali out the door to daycare and work. Around 6:35am, the contractions started again, but I was sure it was a false alarm, like the night before. I called my mom, and she said if they hurt too bad not to work, that I was probably in labor. They weren't coming fast and furious, but when they did come, they were uncomfortable, so I called KK and told him to come home.. that I thought I was in labor. We walked around our neighborhood for about 30 minutes, the contractions were coming but were not super painful and were about 30 seconds long and sporadic. We decided to drop off Ali's carseat and overnight bag at daycare for my neighbor to pick her up in the afternoon... and we drove around town for about an hour, with contractions coming every 4 minutes and 30 seconds in length. We came back home and I went to the bathroom to see the bloody show... so we decided to give it a while and headed to the hospital. I was in labor! And dilated to a 5 (this was around 10:00am. My doctor came and broke my water at 12:00, right before that I had my epidural. Well, of course the epidural made me throw up, as all medicine does... and I called KK back in the room (he was out visiting with my mom and his mom) and told him I thought I had accidentally pooped the bed. Well, there was no poop, but KK called the nurses in anyway, and my mom. ... and Avery was crowning! I pushed TWICE; my doctor didn't even make it in time to catch her! And Avery was born at 1:39pm, May 5, 2010! It was in incredibly easy and quick labor- we were so happy and blessed to have her!

We came home Thursday and went back to the doctor Friday for her newborn check-up... that's when we found out she had jaundice- her Biliruben levels were high enough that we had to check back into the hospital to have her under the lights for 3 days- that story to be continued....just know we are home safe and sound- as super busy!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Avery Coy
Born 5.5.10 @ 1:39pm
9lbs 2oz

Monday, May 3, 2010

I pray for patience

Still here... still no baby... my body is tired and hurting... KK and I are at each other's throats we are both so anxious for her to be born... doctor appointment tomorrow!
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