Monday, October 29, 2007

We Will Miss you Grandpa

My dear sweet Grandpa passed away on Sunday.

I miss him.

Friday, October 26, 2007

May I Say

May I say that I am soo00 looking forward to the weekend!?

May I say that the money situation has gotten SO MUCH better. The hubster sent off checks yesterday, balanced the checkbook, figured out how much we can spend and save, and even calculated a "cushion" for unforeseen expenses. I am so proud (*tear). May I say that I'm glad I married the guy after all :)

May I say that I am so NOT looking forward to writing this ginormus paper for my Research Methodologies in Education class this weekend (but only this quarter and the next, and I'm done with my Master's Degree!)

May I also say that in between working on the dreaded paper, I am going to bake fun pumpkin goodies! I love pumpkins, using them to decorate my porch, carving them for jack-o-lanterns, and also eating them! (well not the pumpkin itself, but you get the idea...) This weekend I'm going to try pumpkin bread and muffins. I'M REAL EXCITED!

Have a happy weekend everybody :) Sleep in, enjoy the fall weather, and bake some fall goodies!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The truth about our money

So, remember in my last blog where I was talking about needing more money? What I really should have said is that I feel like I need more control of my money. And when I say me, I mean my husband. We do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to money. My husband does not seem to have a saving plan at this point in our lives. He does, however, seem to have a great spending plan. It's like the money is burnin' a hole in his damn pocket! He always wants new shirts, new "work pants", new shoes, new socks, new hunting shit, you name it. He never seems to wonder if I want to buy anything new, or save any of our precious small incomes. It's very annoying. Like when he bought a shotgun, because it was on sale, and just simply charged it. Did I mention I HATE CREDIT CARD DEBT?

Needless to say, the zit came to a head last week, and we had a blow out fight. I mean huge. Like worse than I've ever fought with anyone in my life (I'm not a big fighter). The conclusion: he is now in charge of paying our bills, and we are splitting our left over income, after bills and shared living expenses. That way, he can buy his useless crap, and I can squander whatever I want. Believe me, I still don't feel 100% better about it, but now he can SEE where the money is going, and it will curb some of his spending habits, I'm hopeing.
And, with MY money spent on what I WANT, WHEN I Want...At least I will feel secure :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Extra Dough

I've decided I want to do something to make a little extra "cushion" every month. And I'm not talking about my ass (believe me, I've got that area covered), I'm talking about money.
Being a teacher who is married to a teacher does not exactly mean that el dinero is pouring in. Each month we get a set amount, and we only get paid once, on the 25th of each month.

First of all, let me just say that getting paid once a month totally sucks. Couple that with not getting paid very much once a month, and we've got problems.
I know that I helped to create the lack of extra cash problem myself: KK and I did buy a house that was a little over our price range, but we figured we were investing in our future, and that decision was not one that I regret or feel uncomfortable with at all. I've got a gorgeous home that I can raise lots of chillens' in...I just want a little bit of some extra money to actually buy something for me once in awhile. I mean, you should see my bras and underwears, they are not doing a sufficient job at this point.

So friends, what should I do? I don't want to actually work at a physical 2nd job, like a bookstore or something. With working on my master's degree and teaching, it's just not feasible for my sanity to have to leave one job and go to another.
I want to do something that I can do from home, or sell something, like MaryKay (not really MaryKay, I'm not the face of makeup or beauty) but an at-home sales rep or something. I'm looking to make around $500 a month. Something that won't take up too much time, and doesn't require a constant commitment. I am very friendly and outgoing, and would feel comfortable doing just about anything... I just need some ideas to get me started in the right direction.
It better be good too: seriously, you do not want me to start posting pictures of my horribly neglected underwear drawer.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Fair!

How come everyone is always asking me if we are pregnant yet, and when I of course say NO, they just say, "don't worry, it'll happen". Why don't they give me advice!? Or tell me, "I totally sympathize, it is taking/took us forever too."
C'mon people! I need some sympathy and advice here!

My hubster doesn't even give sympathy anymore- in fact, he acts frustrated when I am pouty the day my damn period comes. He's getting real sick of the once-a-month frowny face that I put on... it's like our little pattern: the blasted Aunt Flo visits, 2 weeks later I announce
"It's O (vulation) week! And I try to make him "do it" with me every other day for AT LEAST a week (my poor husband is in denial that he has a low sex drive... but that's a whole nother post). So after O week, 2 more weeks pass by, and I always forget about our path to conception (this are the bliss-free days). Around day 29 of my cycle, I start to remember, and wonder, and pray. But, I NEVER feel different, NEVER feel pregnant, but always hope hope hope.... and then the damn period comes and blasts every hope I have out of the water.

So, what I'm asking from you people is your TTC stories, and struggles. I want to know that other people struggled, but YES! they still got pregnant! I want hints/ suggestions to boost our chances.. I'll take anything! Seriously, it's been 6 months for me. What do I do now? When do I start to freak out ?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Her little secret

My mom is a closet smoker. She has done it for basically my entire life: I can remember her smoking as a child, and then her and my godmother went through this big awakening and "quit". I was a little little girl when this happened, but I remember it clearly because I stole a piece of her nicorette gum and chewed it. Needless to say, that was not a fun taste or experience, forever burning it onto my mind.

Last weekend I went down to U of Idaho to watch the football game with my Dad. My dad is always very open with my brother and I, and I appreciate his ability to not only see us as his children, but as his best friends as well.
My dad is a smoker too, however, he does not try to hide it. The subject came up that I really want my dad to stop slowly killing himself with this awful habit. My dad is having surgery this month on his neck (he has some disks that are crushed and ruining his nerves) and he promised that the surgery will be the time he needs to stop. He also has a back up promise- if he cannot do it on his own he will get help. He knows it is important to me and his family to take care of his body, which made me happy to hear.

Now, back to my mom. My brother and I have always known she was smoking on the sly- she would go outside to "let the dogs out" and come back smelling stinky and smoky. Or we would come out to the garage and she would be frazzled and weird.
Neither my brother nor I have ever actually approached her about it because it is an awkward situation for us both. Well, I learned from my dad that my mom smokes a pack a day. A PACK!! I was figuring like 2 or 3 cigs a day to take the edge off... she's a nurse for crying in the night!

So now I'm worried. I'm worried she will develop lung cancer and my beautiful, kind, warm, loving momma will get sick. I'm so scared and worried about losing her early. I'm also angry at her for being so selfish and secretive. My dad said that she even hides it from her co-workers and best friends. It's a problem.

So, my dilemma is how to approach her. I don't even know how to talk to her about something like this, or how to bring it up. I was thinking of writing her a letter, that way she can see my feelings but not feel embarrassed or ashamed.

I don't want my mom to be ashamed. I don't want her to have a broken heart from my pain.

I just want her to quit.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

It's over

Well, I've officially broken off my TV relationship with Desperate Housewives. I wasn't loving the gals last year towards the end of the season, and the first 5 minutes of the season premiere last night did me in. It's just getting outta control and totally unbelievable. It is almost sci-fi drama or something.
So now I'm looking for a new 8:00 Sunday night show... or maybe I should dedicate that time to reading books. I love to read, and I read a ton in the summer, but once school starts and I am back teaching classes and taking my master's classes, I just don't have the desire. Now that I've got an open time slot, why not fill it with something somewhat engaging for my mind? Plus, our town library just moved into a brand new, beautiful building, and it might be a great idea to trot down there and check it out... please give me some suggestions of books you love to inspire my desire!
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