Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No Fair!

How come everyone is always asking me if we are pregnant yet, and when I of course say NO, they just say, "don't worry, it'll happen". Why don't they give me advice!? Or tell me, "I totally sympathize, it is taking/took us forever too."
C'mon people! I need some sympathy and advice here!

My hubster doesn't even give sympathy anymore- in fact, he acts frustrated when I am pouty the day my damn period comes. He's getting real sick of the once-a-month frowny face that I put on... it's like our little pattern: the blasted Aunt Flo visits, 2 weeks later I announce
"It's O (vulation) week! And I try to make him "do it" with me every other day for AT LEAST a week (my poor husband is in denial that he has a low sex drive... but that's a whole nother post). So after O week, 2 more weeks pass by, and I always forget about our path to conception (this are the bliss-free days). Around day 29 of my cycle, I start to remember, and wonder, and pray. But, I NEVER feel different, NEVER feel pregnant, but always hope hope hope.... and then the damn period comes and blasts every hope I have out of the water.

So, what I'm asking from you people is your TTC stories, and struggles. I want to know that other people struggled, but YES! they still got pregnant! I want hints/ suggestions to boost our chances.. I'll take anything! Seriously, it's been 6 months for me. What do I do now? When do I start to freak out ?


Marriage-101 said...

As I'm trying desperately NOT to get pregnant, I have no advice for you other than to call your gyno and ask his/her advice. My gyno told me that as soon as we decide we want to try, that I need to make an appointment with her. So I'd start there.

Sara said...

I wish I had some advice for you as well...however, it seems that it's taking FOREVER for me to become a mom as well. Hang in there and just keep on trying!! That has to be fun right? :-)


Sara said...

Here's a thought, not sure if it exists..but it must. There are tons and tons of yahoo boards for adoption. A couple of these boards have been a great source of information and support for me. Perhaps they have them for folks "trying and not getting anywhere yet" as well?? I'm sure they must. You would be amazed at how many others out there are just like you, going through the same thing. Google Yahoo boards and see what you can find. Take care!!

cougchick said...

There are a lot of adoption folks that tried to get pregnant for years and would be a great source of support to you. I can give you some links to blogs if you'd like or try the yahoo boards like Sara said. I'm sure they would have a ton of advice for you.
Unfortuantely I am a fertile Myrtle who got pregnant right away with all 3 boys so I can't help you with any advice.
Hang in there!

elysa said...

So ... I have no advice to offer you other than to try out our trusty friend google. I betcha if you google why can't I get pregnant you will find other people in your boat. As for me, no babies in my near future. Good luck to you.

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