Friday, October 26, 2007

May I Say

May I say that I am soo00 looking forward to the weekend!?

May I say that the money situation has gotten SO MUCH better. The hubster sent off checks yesterday, balanced the checkbook, figured out how much we can spend and save, and even calculated a "cushion" for unforeseen expenses. I am so proud (*tear). May I say that I'm glad I married the guy after all :)

May I say that I am so NOT looking forward to writing this ginormus paper for my Research Methodologies in Education class this weekend (but only this quarter and the next, and I'm done with my Master's Degree!)

May I also say that in between working on the dreaded paper, I am going to bake fun pumpkin goodies! I love pumpkins, using them to decorate my porch, carving them for jack-o-lanterns, and also eating them! (well not the pumpkin itself, but you get the idea...) This weekend I'm going to try pumpkin bread and muffins. I'M REAL EXCITED!

Have a happy weekend everybody :) Sleep in, enjoy the fall weather, and bake some fall goodies!


Ann said...

I love cooking with pumpkins too!! this is the best time of the year for baking!!!!

Ashlie said...

Hey girl! How's life in the north west? Did you ever decide on a second job or look into it more? Keep us updated :)


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