Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Friday!

TGIF, and it couldn't come soon enough! KK and I are going to P.F. Chang's for dinner tonight (YUM-0) and then to see Jason Mraz in concert. I am really looking forward to a night out with my hubby! Our neighbors are going with us- it should be a fun double date!

And.. I'll leave you with some cute pictures that I FINALLY got around to downloading:

My two sweet babes!

Ali and her two lovies - her soccer ball and basketball... the silly girl sleeps with um! She's a girl after our own hearts :)

In the ready position!
Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Sleep!

Hoorah! We dosed Ali up with Motrin before bed last night... and we ALL got a good night's sleep! I was in bed by 8, asleep by 8:30, and up and ready to rock at 5:00! Ali slept like a champ- from 7:15 - 5:45- that's our girl! I'm guessing it must be those molars, cause when I was ticklin her yesterday I got a peek in the mouth- and looks like we've got some swollen gums and bumps up top- did I mention that I hate teething?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Cry in the Night

Sweet Ali Baby has not been so sweet as of late. Well, just at night, and it's not really her fault. We hope. The poor doll has woken up for the last 2 weeks, off and on. Just crying and crying! And not like, I'm whining cause I want my mommy and daddy cry, like I'm scared or hurt... different then I've heard before. Last night was the worst- she cried even after I went and picked her up and brought her into our bed, which usually calms her enough to fall back to sleep. Last night, she had to sleep ON me. Not fun, especially when you're super tired and your baby is a sweat factory! She finally went back to sleep, after crying for a bit and finally settling down so we could put her back to bed in her crib... I just can't figure it out! She isn't irritable at all during the day- no pulling on the ears... what is it!? This motherhood thing is such a guessing game! And now we're losing sleep- the worst! I'm hoping it's just teeth- you can never tell with Ali because she does not display the usual "teething symptoms"- teeth just seem to pop outta nowhere.
It's a mystery.... and hopefully it ends soon- cause KK is about to loose his mind, he's so tired! Too bad he's not like me, I can fall back to sleep in an instant and sleep through pretty much anything.... poor daddy!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Sweet Man

Last night, watching KK and Ali play together on the floor, I got teary-eyed, just thinking about how thankful I am for my little family. They were so cute, Ali would bring books over to Daddy to read- he was laying on the floor- then do the trick-move on him and jump on his tummy. It was so cute, she was laughing so hard and so was he~ it's so awesome to watch them interact and really start to play together.

We're so lucky to have such a sweet, mellow, funny, happy little girl. Yesterday, her teacher at daycare told me that she has become the clown of the whole school- and that everyone just cracks up over her funny facial expressions and words all day long- hilarious- wonder where she gets that from?

And then last night, when KK and I were getting in to bed he said "Oh, I need to go in and say night night to Ali, make sure she's covered up... she has to hear that I love her every night." Ok- melt my heart! What a good daddy Ali has- we're so lucky :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

I suck at this

I have a hard time blogging lately- it's just the last thing I wanna do lately. I think I'm just trying to get used to working again ( that sounds, terrible, I know) but when you go from playing with a 1 year old all day, everyday, to being expected to think on your feet, lecture, answer 1 bagillion questions from high schoolers- it's hard to make the transition! Plus, the last thing I wanna do when I get home from school is sit down at the computer, when all I really wanna do is play with my baby girl! So this post is coming to you from my school computer, and don't worry, I'm not wasting valuable teaching time- I'm on my plan period!

So, just to give you and update on our lives as of late...
At Ali's 1 year appointment her stats where:
Weight: 25lbs 8 oz
Height: 30 inches
And I don't remember her head size - but Dr. P was super impressed with her vocabulary and commented on how observant our little sweet girl is, and of course the doc had to kiss Ali's chubber cheeks- which are getting smaller by the day- boo!

Ali loooooovvvvvvves her daycare, teacher, and all the fun activities, as do her momma and daddy. Seriously, that place is awesome. She is singing songs at home (well, trying), she loves to color and always comes home covered in dirt and art supplies- which means she's playing her heart out all day long- I love it! Her teacher is amazing- every day when I pick up Ali she squeezes her and tells her she loves her(the teacher) and Ali gives her moochies, I just love that she has such a nurturing place to hang while we cannot be with her.
And the funny story highlight from last week (since every day there's a new story- our little clown!) Last week the whole school was having circle time to learn some new songs, and Ali got up, went and sat in the middle of the circle, and clapped and laughed for all the singers- apparently she thought it was all for her! What a little ham!

Everything else is going fine- we are just exhausted trying to get back into the routine... but life is good, God is blessing us- and I can't wait to share some good news with y'all as soon as it becomes public knowledge!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Day of School

Well, first day of teaching down- only 179 days left! HaHa- no really, today went pretty good and I think my classes are going to be OK. I still have 3 more classes to meet tomorrow (I teach on an AB Block Schedule, so I see different kids every other day), but anyway, hopefully all those kids were as delightful as today's, and I can get through another school year relatively unscathed.The only blip in my day was that our assistant principal of curriculum came and asked me to drop my Young Adult Literature course and teach a Make-up English class instead- which is basically a throw-back for kids who have failed an English class and need the credit. I of course said that I would teach it, and I start on Thursday, so tomorrow will be spent scurrying around trying to get a skeleton of a schedule figured out. The good news is the class does not have a required curriculum, so I can basically teach whatever I want- and I'm gonna! Swine Flu essay and Secret Life of Bees, baby! (k- that was a kinda dorky, English teacher-ish thing to say)

I am, however, exhausted! You would not believe how much talking all day for 45-60 minutes straight after not really doing that all summer long can tire you out! I mean seriously, I feel like I could fall asleep standing, right at this moment!
(Ali must be exhausted from her day at daycare too, because she went to bed about 6:15 tonight!)

So ya, hope all are well out there... if my blogging gets (more) sparse, it's cause my butt is busy and tired- I'm back to the working world, people!

Oh, and I wanted to share some of Ali's 1 year pics- sorry about the big ole-copyright across um, but you get the idea of how stinking cute my girl is! What a ham!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a great trip

First off, may I say BOOOOOOOO that I have to start teacher meetings at school TOMORROW! Where did the summer go already?

I'm back from San Antonio, and may I say I had the most fabulous time visiting my BFF Rose.
Rose is having a baby boy in October, and all of her friends flew in to S.A., Texas, where her and her husband are currently stationed with the Air Force. It was a fantastic time- I went sans my family... and Rose's mom and sister flew in, along with a handful of friends from the Air Force, and some neighbors that Rose has made friends with since moving th
ere in October. (And if you want to see one of the gifts I gave her, go here to see Lindsay's awesome craftiness!)
I was visiting Wednesday through Sunday, which is never enough time for me to spend with my sweet Rosie, but I still enjoyed my visit, and our time together, so very much. That time is so precious and means so much to me, we don't get to be together as much as I wish we could- and now with both of us being moms soon... I just hope once a year will be good enough!
Thank the Lord for the power of the internet, cell phones, and skype!

Without further ado... some highlights from the trip:

Of course you can't go to San Antonio without visiting The Alamo! (look close, I'm standing in front of the door with a navy blue shirt and khaki Bermuda shorts... and I pf course have my hands up- whoot woot!!)My super stinkin cute best friend... I mean, c'mon- 8 months preggo and she's not even wearing maternity clothes- give me a break !

I love that baby in her belly!

Coyote Ugly- and YES I DID get up and DANCE MY BUNS OFF on that Bar! Cause you know I still can party like a rock star!

Like I said before, I had the best time- it was definitely the highlight of my summer. I was so glad that Rose's friends were all able to come, and that we where able to throw her a wonderful shower, and that we could all get together and show her just how much we love her and her upcoming family.
I also asked Rosie to be Ali's Godmother- something I've been wanting to do for a long time and had to wait to do it in person.

Most of all, visiting Rose made me remember the importance of having her in my life, and just how special she is to me. It reminded me that, no matter the distance, or how busy our lives get, that she is a top priority and reminding her of that is of utmost importance.
She is my heart within my heart. I love her with all I have, like a sister, and I am so glad God brought her in my life and that we continue, 8 years later and a million miles apart, to stay close and find the humor and joy in all parts of our lives. She is a gift, and I can only pray that one day my own sweet baby girl will find a best friend she can love as much as I love My Rose.

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