Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Friday!

TGIF, and it couldn't come soon enough! KK and I are going to P.F. Chang's for dinner tonight (YUM-0) and then to see Jason Mraz in concert. I am really looking forward to a night out with my hubby! Our neighbors are going with us- it should be a fun double date!

And.. I'll leave you with some cute pictures that I FINALLY got around to downloading:

My two sweet babes!

Ali and her two lovies - her soccer ball and basketball... the silly girl sleeps with um! She's a girl after our own hearts :)

In the ready position!
Have a great weekend!!!


Lindsay said...

Ahhh, precious! Hope you had a fun date night...remind me again what that is?? Haha! Love her lovies...too cute! Averee sleeps with a soccer mascott, a big bull thingy with horns....makes Daddy so proud! :)

Andréa said...

Too cute. Glad you guys had fun.

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