Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Cry in the Night

Sweet Ali Baby has not been so sweet as of late. Well, just at night, and it's not really her fault. We hope. The poor doll has woken up for the last 2 weeks, off and on. Just crying and crying! And not like, I'm whining cause I want my mommy and daddy cry, like I'm scared or hurt... different then I've heard before. Last night was the worst- she cried even after I went and picked her up and brought her into our bed, which usually calms her enough to fall back to sleep. Last night, she had to sleep ON me. Not fun, especially when you're super tired and your baby is a sweat factory! She finally went back to sleep, after crying for a bit and finally settling down so we could put her back to bed in her crib... I just can't figure it out! She isn't irritable at all during the day- no pulling on the ears... what is it!? This motherhood thing is such a guessing game! And now we're losing sleep- the worst! I'm hoping it's just teeth- you can never tell with Ali because she does not display the usual "teething symptoms"- teeth just seem to pop outta nowhere.
It's a mystery.... and hopefully it ends soon- cause KK is about to loose his mind, he's so tired! Too bad he's not like me, I can fall back to sleep in an instant and sleep through pretty much anything.... poor daddy!

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Alexa said...

Awww, poor sugar, and poor Mama! Blair did the EXACT same thing. It ended up being his one year molars. I am not even going to get into how horrible it was to go through getting them, UGH....it was always at night that they bothered him. It'll end before you know it. You are doing a wonderful job. I know it is so hard to work full time on top of it. Not sure how you feel about it, but on occasion we would give him a dose of motrin in the middle of the night when he was super fussy, it seemed to take the edge off for him.

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