Thursday, August 28, 2008

1 week down

We made it one week (and 2 days)! KK and I are adjusting to our new lives as parents... and WE ABSOLUTELY love it! Ali is amazing. She is such a blessing and I'm not sure how I ever lived my life without her.

My labor was easy, in my opinion (compared to... oh yeah, nothing). I had an epidural which was the most heavenly experience of all times- contractions suck and hurt bad!!! Ali decided to come out face-up, so she does have a little scabby on her head from the vacuum. The good news is I only labored hard for about an hour... we started the petocyn (sp?) at 9:30am- my water was broken by the doc around 1:00pm, and Ali came at 7:12 pm. I loved my labor and delivery nurses and my husband and mom were awesome support.

I am starting to settle in to a routine with her- she is the best baby and only wakes up twice during the night to feed! Thank goodness because I love my sleep! I am nursing her and supplementing - I had breast reduction surgery 4 years ago and that is affecting my milk production a little bit.

Now I plan to start walking her every day and am really trying to drink in every moment we have at home together... I don't go back to work until October 20th, but I already know the time will fly so I am cherishing every second we can have together.

I'll end my post by telling you I have the best husband ever, and Ali has the best daddy. He is so hands on- diapers, bath times, you name it, he does it. He loves her so much, they are already playing together and bonding. It's amazing how you fall so much more in love with your husband when you see him hold your child. We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Wednesday and I couldn't express to him how thankful I am for him. My life is so blessed.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Princess is Here!

Introducing Alison Elizabeth! She was born Tuesday, August 19, at 7:12 pm. Ali weighed 8lbs 14 oz and was 21 inches long. She has daddy's black hair and coloring, but mommy's chubby cheeks and dimples! We are all getting settled in and doing great. I am so thankful for my adorable blessing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good News

We went to the doctor on Tuesday and I am going to be induced on Monday morning! Hoorah! Our little baby girl will be here in less than a week!!!! Knowing that she will be here is an exciting, yet scary feeling. I mean, I've always known she would be born eventually, just having an actual date is a crazy thing to know. I've been working in my classroom like crazy to make sure everything is put together for my long-term sub-- and this weekend will be spent cleaning my house to be all ready to bring her home! I can't believe it!
I also feel kind of nervous or scared- not only for the whole birthing experience- which I have no idea what to expect- but also that our lives are going to be soooo very different. I keep hugging the dogs and assuring them I will not love them less. I find myself just starting at Kris, in total awe that he and I created an actual baby. I cry every time I think about holding a little being, that is mine, and that I am solely responsible for in assuring she has the best life she deserves.
WOW. I've been waiting for this moment for a long 10 months. Now, I don't know what to do with it.

Monday, August 11, 2008


No twinges, feelings, urges. Just a gigantic, bloated momma. Who is bored. And ready to have a child. Pleeeeaaaaassseeeee come soon Alison !

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still Pregnant!

In case anyone was wondering, I still do not have a baby. Well, I do, but she is just content inside the belly. Fortunately, this week isn't quiet as uncomfortable as last week. Praise God. We went to the doc yesterday and she said my cervix is still thinning out and baby's little head is moving into position. However, my cervix is still up there a ways. But that could change at any given moment. Pray that it does!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm going to complain a little (a lot)

For the past 9 months, I have had a delightful pregnancy. I did not experience morning sickness, food cravings or aversions, back pain, etc. As of 3 days ago, that has all ended. I would describe myself as a miserable human being.
All of my problems surround the fact that I am UNCOMFORTABLE. I cannot find a position that works for me- I am dying sitting in this chair at the computer right now! Sleeping sucks- I am usually a hard sleeper: head to pillow, I'm out. Not so much anymore. I venture from our bed to the couch, and finally I think I just pass out because I'm so sick of being awake and uncomfortable. Seriously, I wish I could explain the degree of discomfort I am feeling. It is horrible.
I also have had a headache for the past 2 days- one that surrounds my head like a halo and sometimes pounds with the beating of my heart - it's awesome.
The last part of this rant has to do with the fact that I am driving myself crazy with un-motivation. I do not want to do anything but try to find a comfortable spot to sit down and close my eyes. Not nap per say, just be still and quiet with the hope of being comfortable. If you know me, you know that I am a doer. I NEVER sit around. I am always cleaning or organizing or outside, walking, yadda yadda, you get it. Not so much now. Today's big goal is for me to strap the car seat base in the car. Usually, this is a quick chore that takes maybe 15 minutes. Not for this gal- I am hoping above hope I can get my ass out there to do it! I also have a washing machine full of wet laundry waiting to get to the dryer- it's been in there for about 1 hour, which totally annoys me. I want some energy please!

Ok- I'll end with some good news from Tuesday's doctor's appointment: I am dilated to 1 1/2 centimeters, which is an improvement from the week before, when I was closed up like a clam. I also think I'm losing my mucus plug- so hopefully this baby is sensing her momma's discomfort and is working with me to get things moving! I hope so, this is not my cup o' tea!
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