Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ali's Nursery

KK and I sweated our asses off this weekend (literally, it was 100 DEGREES today) and put together Ali's nursery!

It is so bright and cheery, and is exactly what I wanted it to be... I love the crib I picked out and how warm the bedding set is...We kept talking about how excited finishing it made us and gave us the reality that she will be here in just 7 weeks! The only thing left to do now is add the curtains that my momma is sewing, and put away all the clothes my good friend Jenn has donated to us. We are so lucky- Jenn has a daughter who is about 13 months older than Ali, which means hand-me-down city! She is a cutie pie dresser too, it's awesome! She has already given me 2 boxes of clothes.. she has another huge box waiting at her house for me to pick up..believe me, I am so thankful for great friends!

We also signed up for "Labor and Delivery" Classes at the hospital on Friday- they will start July 9th and we will go every Wednesday for 3 weeks. I have mixed emotions about taking the classes, but my doctor highly recommended that we take them, being 1st time parents and all. I feel like I have a general understanding of the whole labor process, while Kris is pretty much clueless. I'm hoping it isn't too cheesy and that we learn something- at least what to expect and to prepare us somewhat for what we hope is a normal birthing experience- and that my husband has patience and can get through them! Knowing our luck some freak show couple will magnetize themselves to us and make this experience as strange as everything else we do... but at least we'll have some idea of how to have a baby-right?

This week on Thursday we are leaving to go up to our cabin for the 4th of July weekend... I'm so glad we decided on that instead of spending it here in town. It will be nice to be gone and just relax- I find myself jonesin' to deep clean my house with nothing to do but stay inside the air conditioning. My plan is to read the 3 books I rented from the library today and plop my rhino butt into the river. Other than that- I'm just enjoying the summer and the time with Kris before our sweet baby joins the crowd!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


I have been so busy this past week and a half- it's craziness! I am working for the school district in which I teach, however, I am doing the worst job known to man. Our school district decided to bar-code each and every textbook and novel in all 15 or so of our schools. Being the idiot I am, I signed up to work on the crew that does that horrendous job. You dangle extra money in front of my face, and my broke ass will jump! (except that I am kicking my own broke ass at this point). I work 8 hour days at the most monotonous job of all times, and when I get home, I basically feel like reading a little of my library book and going to bed. What a wonderful way to start off the summer.... but the GOOD NEWS is that the job is over this coming Thursday- there is a light at the end of my dark tunnel!

On another note...
  • KK finished our patio and we now have mint green hydro seed on our lawn! Everything looks so great and I am thrilled that all the landscaping is done!
  • However, KK has also been dealing with a high fever and blurry vision for the past 6 days... we took him to the doctor and they prescribed him a Z-pak (perhaps a sinus infection) and migraine medication. I do not think he has either, but I'm hoping the Z -pak will kill whatever ails him and he can begin to feel better, poor baby
  • I only have 9 weeks left of pregnancy! I really cannot believe how fast the time has flown, and can feel myself on the brink of freaking out in that we do not have ANYTHING in the nursery even close to being done
  • My sweet baby is growing like a weed- her once fluttering kicks have become violent movements in my tummy, it's crazy! I can't believe that she is going to be here in 2 months- yay yay yay!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Almost Finished!

My hubbie worked his fine ass off this weekend and almost finished our patio! See that little half-circle to the right of the photo? that's all that is left baby! We ran out of rock and KK smashed his thumb, so we are hoping to finish the last portion this week.... that means hydro seed next week and we are done Done DONE with the landscaping! Whoo hooo ! It seems we have been working on this "project" for a million months, I will be so happy to look out my windows and finally see grass growing in my yard :)
I am getting very sick of pouring money into this.... I want to spend and save for my baby girl!

Friday, June 6, 2008

This day is draggin!

I'm soooo bored! My students are taking finals today- which leaves me with not much work to do to keep me occupied. I mean, how many times can I circulate the classroom to check for cheating, really?
I'm also in a sour mood because I have to come back here at 6:00 tonight and set-up for graduation. You see, I am the junior class advisor, and the powers that be decided that set-up for graduation would be my job. The fun doesn't end there: tomorrow at noon I will be back here, blowing up balloons and setting up plants around the graduation stage. THEN, I will be back here at 4:00 to sell bottled-water to graduates' families. The administration requires that all staff (ha) be involved in the graduation ceremony, but I think I should be exempt from the festivities in that I have already sacrificed countless hours (well, like 4-6) on the preparation.
I suppose all this time spent will make me really enjoy my maternity leave for the first 7 weeks of school... now I only have to find myself a long-term substitute.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

29 weeks!

At 16½ inches from head to toe (the size of a large pineapple), your baby is starting to get a bit cramped. She may be moving around less due to the diminished space -- a good average would be about 10 times per hour. If you feel a noticeable decrease in movement, do the fetal kick count we talked about in Week 28; if she’s moving less than 10 times per hour, give your doctor a call.While her home still allows room to move, baby is going to more than triple in weight before she’s born -- so you can expect her home to grow ever more cozy in the coming weeks.

Looking for ways to bond with your babe in utero? Here are a few that we like:
Touch her. Place your hands on that gorgeous belly and feel your little one move around. Press lightly and feel her respond with a kick -- it's almost a form of sign language.

Talk to her. Although she can't talk back, she can definitely hear you. The more you talk to her now, the more recognizable your voice will be after birth.

I can hardly believe this little miracle will be with us in less than 80 days! I cannot wait to meet her- I love her sooo much already, I cannot wait to hold her and say hello face-to-face with my little buddy that I have been toting around with me these past 7 months. I can't wait to see what she looks like and what her little personality will be. I am so excited to introduce her to her daddy and to her grandparents, her uncle, and to her many "aunties and uncles".
It is amazing to me that I am capable of producing such a miraculous feat- growing a baby is the most amazing thingI have ever experienced- I am so blessed and thankful to be living my life!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2 things tonight

#1 -I am so tired these past two days! I'm wondering if I'm wandering back into being the totally drained pregnant woman. I got home today at 3:00, laid on the couch, and slept until 4:30. This is coming from a gal who is not a normal napper. I've since gotten up and run two errands, and am seriously going to head upstairs upon finishing this post and get into bed! Crazy!

#2-I was just at Ross looking for some cute maternity short-sleeve shirts, of which I found none, and I saw this woman in white capris with either a navy blue or black thong on underneath. Seriously!? I mean, seriously!? And it wasn't even a g-string: we're talking full blown thong here. Do people not look in the mirror.... or have a brain? Who thinks wearing anything besides white under white is not going to show? I was astonished, as the woman looked semi-normal. I shake my head at society....

And with my two cents in for the evening, I'm of to the land of zzzz's!

I passed!

Hoorah! I passed my 3 hour Glucose test! I just called the nurse (who also happens to be my godmother) and she said I passed with flying colors- what a relief! So now I can continue to eat all the yummy food that I love :) and my baby girl is safe and sound in momma's tummy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Today's the Day... and I'm starving

So in about T-minus 3 hours I will be sitting in a lab conducting my 3 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. I wish I could be there promptly at 8:00am when they open-so I wouldn't have to starve for quiet as long- however I do not want to sacrifice a precious sick day from work to do so. Therefore, I will be teaching 2 morning periods today, then leaving my 3rd period class with a teacher friend of mine during her plan period (she is very nice and I owe her big time) and heading on down there.
Apparently I am so overwhelmed with this whole "not eating until it's over" thing that I don't have a fear at this moment about the actual results or that I might have gestational diabetes. I even dreamed about juicy steaks last night people! It was crazy- I've never in my life had a food dream before but last night I was apparently really worried about it. So don't worry, I packed myself a lunch to eat immediately after completion of the test. It is waiting for me on the front seat of my car. Tempting me. I can do this- I can!
***I should probably make a disclaimer statement at the beginning of each class period this morning apologizing for any grumpy statements this hungry teacher may make....
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