Monday, June 9, 2008

Almost Finished!

My hubbie worked his fine ass off this weekend and almost finished our patio! See that little half-circle to the right of the photo? that's all that is left baby! We ran out of rock and KK smashed his thumb, so we are hoping to finish the last portion this week.... that means hydro seed next week and we are done Done DONE with the landscaping! Whoo hooo ! It seems we have been working on this "project" for a million months, I will be so happy to look out my windows and finally see grass growing in my yard :)
I am getting very sick of pouring money into this.... I want to spend and save for my baby girl!


Alexa said...

Beautiful! That will be so nice to enjoy once baby arrives! Don't you love having a 'handy' husband?

Ann said...

That looks really great! how exciting!

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