Thursday, June 5, 2008

29 weeks!

At 16½ inches from head to toe (the size of a large pineapple), your baby is starting to get a bit cramped. She may be moving around less due to the diminished space -- a good average would be about 10 times per hour. If you feel a noticeable decrease in movement, do the fetal kick count we talked about in Week 28; if she’s moving less than 10 times per hour, give your doctor a call.While her home still allows room to move, baby is going to more than triple in weight before she’s born -- so you can expect her home to grow ever more cozy in the coming weeks.

Looking for ways to bond with your babe in utero? Here are a few that we like:
Touch her. Place your hands on that gorgeous belly and feel your little one move around. Press lightly and feel her respond with a kick -- it's almost a form of sign language.

Talk to her. Although she can't talk back, she can definitely hear you. The more you talk to her now, the more recognizable your voice will be after birth.

I can hardly believe this little miracle will be with us in less than 80 days! I cannot wait to meet her- I love her sooo much already, I cannot wait to hold her and say hello face-to-face with my little buddy that I have been toting around with me these past 7 months. I can't wait to see what she looks like and what her little personality will be. I am so excited to introduce her to her daddy and to her grandparents, her uncle, and to her many "aunties and uncles".
It is amazing to me that I am capable of producing such a miraculous feat- growing a baby is the most amazing thingI have ever experienced- I am so blessed and thankful to be living my life!

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Alexa said...

Time is going to fly soon, trust me! That little one will be in your arms sooner than you think. One thing...relish your time with hubby, it becomes super limited when baby arrives. Your time will be spent smiling down upon the little one, which is the BEST.

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