Friday, June 6, 2008

This day is draggin!

I'm soooo bored! My students are taking finals today- which leaves me with not much work to do to keep me occupied. I mean, how many times can I circulate the classroom to check for cheating, really?
I'm also in a sour mood because I have to come back here at 6:00 tonight and set-up for graduation. You see, I am the junior class advisor, and the powers that be decided that set-up for graduation would be my job. The fun doesn't end there: tomorrow at noon I will be back here, blowing up balloons and setting up plants around the graduation stage. THEN, I will be back here at 4:00 to sell bottled-water to graduates' families. The administration requires that all staff (ha) be involved in the graduation ceremony, but I think I should be exempt from the festivities in that I have already sacrificed countless hours (well, like 4-6) on the preparation.
I suppose all this time spent will make me really enjoy my maternity leave for the first 7 weeks of school... now I only have to find myself a long-term substitute.


Andrea said...

Just think how special it will be when Ali graduates? Maybe that will get you through it :D

Kelli said...

You always have to see the bright side, don't you:)

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