Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday!

  • Hoorah! Ali slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT last night! It was fabulous, and you cannot believe how refreshed I feel!

  • The night before, however, was a LIVING NIGHTMARE. Ali cried/screamed from 11:45-12:45... and I held strong and let her cry it out! My husband cursed me out and had a little hissy fit, but we made it. It was so horrible, just laying there praying she would go to sleep... but hopefully she has learned and last night's bliss will continue! (I'm holding my breath!)
  • We have a birthday/costume party today after school, and Ali is going as a doggie! I put a little bow on the top of the costume (thanks, Lindsay!), and it's super cute! I can't wait to post pictures.

  • My (slightly off her rocker) mother in law wanted to dress up like a GIANT ELMO! and show up at Ali's Harvest Party on Friday. I quickly put the x-nay on that idea. Seriously, that woman can be crazy all she wants, but she cannot spread the crazy onto my daughter and her poor, unsuspecting friends. The woman doesn't get it- sure, dressing up for Halloween is fun (although I do not personally choose to partake) but a giant elmo is not only weird, it can be seen as kinda creepy.. oh yeah- and CRAZY!

  • As of yesterday, we are sitting at 12 weeks preggo! I am feeling great, have my energy back, and am so excited for next week, when we get to have an ultrasound and listen to this sweet baby's heartbeat!
  • Ali's new best friend (besides the beloved Elmo) is my baby doll from when I was little. Her name is Lauren, and Ali loves her so much... it warms my heart that she cuddles the baby that I once loved so much- she's just like her momma- a little mother hen!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crying in the Night

Ok - so I completely agree with you wise Mommas out there in that we should let Ali cry it out. Now, I have to convince my husband of this fact.

However, I think that Ali's problem is bigger then just having a desire to be in our bed (which, as much as she rolls around in there, I don't think she really likes it or gets too comfy).
Case in point: last night, I really paid attention (i.e. woke up enough to have my wits about me- remember, I'm a heavy sleeper, so my hubs is usually the one given me morning reports of the crying incidents) when she woke up. She was not crying, she was SCREAMING. Like crying as if she was left alone in a dark subway station. And when KK went to get her, she was sitting up in the corner of her crib, clutching Elmo. When he brought her into our room and set her between us in bed, she continued to SCREAM. I reached over and brought her to me, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and cried for a good 5 minutes. I finally soothed her enough to get her to lye down, and took her back to her crib after she calmed down, where she slept soundly for the rest of the night.
I think the kid either has some serious separation anxiety, or she's afraid of the dark, or she's really stinkin manipulative.
Tonight, I'm going to try and put her night light back into her room, give her a squirt of Motrin, and see what happens.
I do think a bit of it is her wanting to be with us, but there has to be a reason she's screaming bloody murder at 1:00am!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! I know I say this too much- but I cannot believe how stinking busy my life can be! I'm hurrying after another hectic school day to write this post so I can go pick up my sweet little wiggles...

I do have some good news to report- I petitioned to our on site technology man, and he has allowed google reader through the security proxy at school! So I can once again read your blogs on my lunch break- hoorah! I so look forward to that little treat during my work week!

I am also feeling less annoyed since my last blog, so that is definitely a plus! Unfortunately, Ali is not feeling less annoyed about being a big sister(hee hee)
Actually, she's going to be SUCH a good big sissie! She loves her baby dolls- she pats them and rocks them and sings to them. And this weekend she held an actual 6 week old baby and was very gentle and gave him lots of kisses- SO CUTE!

We are doing pretty good in our neck of the woods- just plugging along through life! Ali and I carved a pumpkin on Saturday- well I carved, she tried to eat and squish all the inside of the pumpkin. I let her go crazy (but couldn't take a picture because I was too messy!). She was squishing the insides of the pumpkin, throwing it around the table, and just laughing her little buns off! We had so much fun... I've been waiting my whole adult life to have someone to carve a pumpkin with-before Ali I did it myself! So this year was definitely fun and memorable. I did get a picture of her trying to pick up the big orange "ball":

Otherwise, we've just been hanging out and enjoying being a family. One thing that I must complain about- Ali will not sleep through the night! I do not know if it is teeth, or just her being ornery! It is so hard to tell when she is teething, as she normally does not show any "teething" signs. So every night, she wakes up and cries in her bed, and her and daddy have a "fight". He goes and gets her, she then wriggles around our bed for awhile- he yells and her to go to sleep-puts her back in her crib... and some nights she'll stay there, and others she'll wake up in about 3 hours and start the process with him over again. I cannot figure out if she's got him bamboozled, or if she's really being woken up for some other reason?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Life's little Annoyances

Here's my list of complaints for the day, because it's definitely a Monday!
  • Google Reader is BLOCKED at school- why? that is so stinking dumb! So now, the only time that I can designate to read my beloved blogs... I DON'T GET TO! I'm so peeved about it- this district has gotten downright outrageous with everything they block. I mean, I'm using MY time to read- plus- what's wrong with reading blogs? How is it not conducive to my professional development! I feel like my job has become my 2nd mom... always taking away my fun! So I'm really sorry that I haven't read your blogs in awhile- when I am home, where NOTHING on the internet is blocked, I have unfortunately no free time/me time to read my lovely Google Reader... so until then- I love ya and miss reading all your fun stuff on a daily basis! (P.S. does anyone know a different reader I can use that is like google reader?)
  • I'm also annoyed at my dear, dear husband, and his lack of the ability to help me around the house on a daily basis. Seriously, I DO EVERYTHING! Dishes, laundry, toy pick-up, bath time, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning- YOU NAME IT! His only daily chore? Feeding the dogs and getting the mail, re-freaking-diculous! I might smother the man in his sleep if he doesn't start carrying his weight around our house!!
  • Pregnancy nausea is rearing it's ugly head and making my life (just a tad) miserable. Not to mention that neither my daughter nor my husband (see above) seem to give a crap that all I want to do during these spells is drink water and sit down... fortunately it A.) isn't very bad and B) does not happen often or last for very long
  • The H1N1 Virus is scaring the crap outta me! I am around sickly, yucky, scummy high schoolers all day long who do not cover their mouths and certainly do not practice correct hygiene throughout the day. Believe me, I've got the Lysol and hand sanitizer flowin in my classroom. It will be a blessing if myself and my family make it through this flu season unscathed.
  • I have been on hold with Sallie Mae for the past 45 minutes, this is after having my call dropped 3 separate times. And you know what I'm calling about? I just need their dang fax number because the one listed on the website is wrong!

For crying in the night! It's definitely a Monday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been Awhile...

I feel the need to apologize that I have not kept my blog updated (not that I've had any complaints or that anyone out there really cares- HA!). But I must tell you- I'm stinkin busy! I do not even hardly touch the computer when I am at home- that time I spend cleaning/preparing/chasing/playing/sleeping (a little bit). I mean seriously, with a 1 year old, you don't get a chance to just sit and give your attention to an inanimate object like say, a computer. And work- oh work has been draining and crazy madness. In fact, I shouldn't even be writing at this very moment- I should be grading the stack of papers staring me down on my desk- but I feel the desire to justify my absence in the bloggy world.
But let me tell you- being a working mom whose husband coaches until 6:00 every night takes ALL of my time and energy- seriously! It's crazy!

But- back to our little announcement- we're so excited to be having baby #2! This baby is due May 12th- so I am officially 10 weeks along today. And let me tell you, it is just as exciting and happy feeling as it was with Ali. It is different however, in that I don't have a lot of time to sit and think about the fact that I am pregnant- Ali and my job take most of that free-thinking time! I have been feeling good- I was a little nauseous about 2 weeks ago, but that passed quickly and was not bad at all- I'm so thankful that I have easy pregnancies! I just hope this baby is as smart, sweet, animated, and full of life as sweet Alison is- am I jinxing myself and asking too much!? But yeah- this is a great new chapter in our lives, and we are looking forward to making our family complete. Although I have noticed this week that my clothes are ALREADY starting to get tight- and I'm not too ready for that yet. Perhaps it's because I am STARVING all the TIME!!! Seriously, I have 4 FULL meals yesterday- incredible! I'm trying hard not to be a chubber wubber... however, I feel this is the last time in my life I can eat whenever and whatever and however much I want, so I'm taking full advantage! So there!
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