Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday!

  • Hoorah! Ali slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT last night! It was fabulous, and you cannot believe how refreshed I feel!

  • The night before, however, was a LIVING NIGHTMARE. Ali cried/screamed from 11:45-12:45... and I held strong and let her cry it out! My husband cursed me out and had a little hissy fit, but we made it. It was so horrible, just laying there praying she would go to sleep... but hopefully she has learned and last night's bliss will continue! (I'm holding my breath!)
  • We have a birthday/costume party today after school, and Ali is going as a doggie! I put a little bow on the top of the costume (thanks, Lindsay!), and it's super cute! I can't wait to post pictures.

  • My (slightly off her rocker) mother in law wanted to dress up like a GIANT ELMO! and show up at Ali's Harvest Party on Friday. I quickly put the x-nay on that idea. Seriously, that woman can be crazy all she wants, but she cannot spread the crazy onto my daughter and her poor, unsuspecting friends. The woman doesn't get it- sure, dressing up for Halloween is fun (although I do not personally choose to partake) but a giant elmo is not only weird, it can be seen as kinda creepy.. oh yeah- and CRAZY!

  • As of yesterday, we are sitting at 12 weeks preggo! I am feeling great, have my energy back, and am so excited for next week, when we get to have an ultrasound and listen to this sweet baby's heartbeat!
  • Ali's new best friend (besides the beloved Elmo) is my baby doll from when I was little. Her name is Lauren, and Ali loves her so much... it warms my heart that she cuddles the baby that I once loved so much- she's just like her momma- a little mother hen!


Sweetbabs said...

Congrats on staying strong! It will help for sure. Crossing my fingers it continues! We are totally going to need photos of Ali in here costume!

Gemini said...

That picture is too cute. And I am sure Lindsay did the dog costume just right :) So creative!!

kimca01 said...

Yay! She's waking up out of habit and she knows now that it takes more than a little fussing to get you to go in there.

Stay strong - taking her out of her crib will only set you back. She just needs to break the cycle which takes a couple days. It's just like when you wake up on the weekends at a certain time because you are used to your alarm going off.

Callie wakes up occasionally now, fusses for maybe 5 seconds then goes back to sleep. She just needs to learn how to put herself *back* to sleep which is different than putting herself to sleep!

Hoping that it continues and you get to be a well rested mama!

Lindsay said...

Ahhh you're too the link.xoxox
HUGE Yay, for a peaceful night!!!
And a giant Elmo just might scare me :)
Love Ali & her baby...she is growing up. Such a pretty little lady.
And WOW 12 weeks already...that's 3 months ma'm! :)

Alexa said...

She is getting so big! What a sweet pea...its so nice when their schedules start to even out. :) Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

Yuck-I hate long, sleepless nights. Let us know if it worked and your sweet is still sleeping through the night!

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