Monday, October 19, 2009

Life's little Annoyances

Here's my list of complaints for the day, because it's definitely a Monday!
  • Google Reader is BLOCKED at school- why? that is so stinking dumb! So now, the only time that I can designate to read my beloved blogs... I DON'T GET TO! I'm so peeved about it- this district has gotten downright outrageous with everything they block. I mean, I'm using MY time to read- plus- what's wrong with reading blogs? How is it not conducive to my professional development! I feel like my job has become my 2nd mom... always taking away my fun! So I'm really sorry that I haven't read your blogs in awhile- when I am home, where NOTHING on the internet is blocked, I have unfortunately no free time/me time to read my lovely Google Reader... so until then- I love ya and miss reading all your fun stuff on a daily basis! (P.S. does anyone know a different reader I can use that is like google reader?)
  • I'm also annoyed at my dear, dear husband, and his lack of the ability to help me around the house on a daily basis. Seriously, I DO EVERYTHING! Dishes, laundry, toy pick-up, bath time, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning- YOU NAME IT! His only daily chore? Feeding the dogs and getting the mail, re-freaking-diculous! I might smother the man in his sleep if he doesn't start carrying his weight around our house!!
  • Pregnancy nausea is rearing it's ugly head and making my life (just a tad) miserable. Not to mention that neither my daughter nor my husband (see above) seem to give a crap that all I want to do during these spells is drink water and sit down... fortunately it A.) isn't very bad and B) does not happen often or last for very long
  • The H1N1 Virus is scaring the crap outta me! I am around sickly, yucky, scummy high schoolers all day long who do not cover their mouths and certainly do not practice correct hygiene throughout the day. Believe me, I've got the Lysol and hand sanitizer flowin in my classroom. It will be a blessing if myself and my family make it through this flu season unscathed.
  • I have been on hold with Sallie Mae for the past 45 minutes, this is after having my call dropped 3 separate times. And you know what I'm calling about? I just need their dang fax number because the one listed on the website is wrong!

For crying in the night! It's definitely a Monday!


Sweetbabs said...

Oh hun.....I feel for you! I really do! I can only imagine the stress you are feeling. I feel it as well but I do not work a full time job like you. You are a super-mom and wife. :-)

My husband is a jerk as well and it is not getting much better. Is great for a day at the most and then it is the same old lines. I was going to or I forgot. I have given up at this point and not sure how I feel about it yet.

Stay strong and kick that husband in the butt. If I were working full time and pregers with baby number two I would move out till he got the message. Good luck~!

Lindsay said...

Oh no honey-bunny! I hope you stay well, feel better, beat your husband into shape (and then work on mine)....hugs & kisses coming your way!

If it makes you feel any better, I have been in bed since 9:30 just waiting on my daughter to go to sleep. Talking, crying, singing, dropping stuff outta her crib, crying for me to get it. Then Hubby is mad because he has to work at 5am...haha WHEN do I get a break?!? :) The End...goodnight!

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