Monday, July 28, 2008

You're kidding me

Can Nicole Kidman REALLY look like this 2 WEEKS after giving birth? I know she was teeeny weeny and outta control with her exercising throughout the whole pregnancy, but c'mon now... give us NORMAL preggo women a break!

Friday, July 25, 2008

We are outta here!

KK, myself, Matty, and Jack are headin up to the cabin this weekend for our last mini-vacation before Baby Ali is born! I'm really looking forward to relaxing and getting out of town. Lately I have been feeling too uncomfortable and useless around the house; it will be very nice to not have to do anything and just enjoy being with our little family... before adding our little angel girl.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Annoyed with dirt

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a bit of a clean freak, especially when it comes to my home. I can clean and clean this place, and I'm never satisfied, it never looks clean enough, there is always something that can be scrubbed. What drives me the most crazy in my house in the hardwood floors. Seriously, they NEVER look clean, even after I have just scrubbed the crap outta them! Our dogs are the real problem- they have scratched the floors to sh*t, and about 6 minutes after I get them visibly clean there are 3 bazillion paw prints everywhere.

I also absolutely HATE the couch and chair/ottoman that is in our living room. We bought them about 3 years ago with the promise that microfiber was great to have for pets. Well it's not. There are stains all over the damn things, not to mention that Jack the dog like to lick the fabric off the couch- yeah, it looks real nice. I have tried everything- cleaning them with various cleaners, covering them with slipcovers, etc. Now I am just giving up. I wish wish wish we could afford new couches, but with this baby coming we just can't justify a big purchase at the moment, especially after spending a butt load on our landscaping.

And speaking of how much I hate a dirty house, I am on my way to clean it yet again. I will have 3 minutes of bliss upon completion of this project- and I look forward to my little window of sunshiney happiness!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm (almost) ready

My mom had a lovely brunch/baby shower at her house on the river over the weekend in honor of our soon-to-be sweet baby girl. I will post pics later- I forgot my camera and my friend Lynne is sending me the shots she took. I had such a great time seeing all my friends and family: it is great to have all the different people I care about together in one spot. I also received a bunch of great, useful gifts to help me prepare for our baby Ali! It's hard to believe that in a month or less she will be here- amazing. I hope the time goes quickly and she comes sooner than later!

Now that I have had the baby shower, I feel more prepared for her to be born. I still have a few simple things to buy to prepare- just what I think I need to be ready for her immediately after I get her home. I'm hoping to go to Target sometime either this week or next and finish up my shopping... and I think it is kinda funny that by having all the material objects I need I somehow can justify to myself that I am ready to be a first time mommy. Deep down I feel so nervous to think of a tiny little human that will be dependant upon Kris and I to keep her existence happy and safe- eek! I guess life is a learn-as-you-go deal: and at least I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will do my best with all the love that I have! (And my mom only lives 7 minutes away, thank GOD )

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I got a boo-boo

So, yesterday morning I was out walking my two doggies, Matty and Jack. We have an open field across from our house that is supposed to be developed with houses, but due to the economic crisis we are currently in, has been left unfinished. KK and I like to take the boys out there to run around and go potty- kind of a release because they don't have a fenced in yard yet.

Well yesterday KK was out of town fishing with his dad, so I took the dogs by myself. One of our neighbors happened to be out walking her dog too, so I proceeded to head across the street to say hi. Apparently the dogs forgot that their mom was a little front-heavy, and totally tugged on their leashes to get over and see the other dog.

I completely tipped right over, landing on my right elbow and tummy! Evelyn (our neighbor) starting freaking out, she was ready to jump right in the car and drive me to the emergency room, and I for some reason remained eerily calm. I told her I felt fine, that I wasn't cramping or anything like that, and I would take the dogs home and promptly call the doctor's office, which I did.

It took the nurse about 45 minutes to call me back, and while I was waiting I laid on the couch and tried to relax my body, which I could feel was tensed up from the fall. When she did call me back, she asked if the baby was moving (YES!) if I was cramping at all (NO) or if there was any bleeding at all (not from that area!). She told me to take it easy for the rest of the day and go straight to labor and delivery if anything changed.

Needless to say, I'm feeling stiff in my upper arms and my hips, and I have a huge road burn on my right elbow- which made it really fun trying to sleep last night.What is amazing to me is that I didn't freak out- during or after the accident! I mean, I scrapped right across the top of my belly- I have little cuts to prove it... but I just knew in my gut that everything was OK. Plus, Ali has been movin and groovin like normal since the fall. (well -ok- I did cry a little and apologize to her for shakin her up like that)

What I learned from this incident: this baby girl for sure needs to come out now- I think I can keep her safer outside my body then in! I also think that I need to make a conscious effort to take it easy for these last 5 weeks and prepare my body for the ultimate job of actually giving I am going to get my hair trimmed and colored and get some last minute stuff done for my mom: it's my baby shower on Saturday!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Visit

We had KK's dad and his wife come into town to visit us last night on their way to some camping up the river. His dad lives in Olympia, WA, which is about 7 hours away from us. Kris and his dad have not always had the best father-son relationship, but they are cultivating it now, and it was nice to see them and visit and have Kris feel loved by his dad.

It's hard for me to watch his family dynamics because I am so blessed with my own. I have two great parents who love my brother and I and who love each other - they've been married for 30 years! We had such a good childhood and growing up- my memories are filled with more good times then bad. I feel so grateful for my support system and blessed to have such a wonderful family to share with my husband: I hope we help to give him some stability in his uncertain family experiences.
KK's parents divorced when he was 8, his mom remarried when he was about 10 or 12, who she later divorced when Kris was 16...but I think the guy pretty much raised himself. His mother is not maternal at all- she never read to him or helped him with homework... she never told him she loved him or gave him any hugs. His dad moved to Olympia right after the divorce and was not a big factor in his life until adulthood.
I think his saving grace to normalcy was being so involved with basketball and having great coaches and teammates to support and "raise" him. Of course I am not going to judge his rearing or blast his family on my blog, but I will say it makes me that much more appreciative of the awesome mom, dad, and brother, and extended family that I have.
The good news is that Kris now has a chance to create a relationship and family with his own daughter- any way he wants it to be. He is already an amazing partner and friend, and he cares so much for our baby girl -wishing every day for her arrival- so he can be a daddy. I'm amazed at how "normal" he turned out considering how he grew up, and I can't wait for Alison to be born and get to meet this awesome man that helped me create her. We are so lucky to have him for everything he is- I hope he finally feels loved and knows how special he is!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Phew, she made it

I was so happy to wake up this morning and see an email from my bestest-estest friend, Rose. Rosie is a captain in the U.S. Air Force, and was recently serving a 6 month stay in Iraq. Her husband (who is also in the AF) is stationed in Turkey. Needless to say, Rosie made it safely outta Iraq and back to her loving husband's arms 2 nights ago. Now, I can breath again. It makes me tear up with relief- PRAISE GOD!!!

You never really know how much someone means to you until you are faced with the thought of losing them. I am so thankful for this girl- she is the sister that God did not give me. Even in the face of a brutal battle, living a million miles from home.. and from her husband(!) she was always upbeat and laughing- we could find anything to make fun of- even being stationed in hot, dusty, sticky Iraq! I love you Rose, you hold my heart. Thank you for being my forever friend.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

34 Weeks

I've made it to 34 weeks! I had a check-up yesterday- apparently everything is as it should be- my doctor hardly talks to me besides taking the heartbeat, measuring my uterus, and asking if I have any questions. Do I have any questions!? Of course! Like 1 billion! But do I ever ask them - NO, because I'm a dork. I guess if I was really that worried or curious I would speak up... it is amazing how I look to the internet or the books I have to answer my questions, when I have a real, live Expert to help me if need be! ahhh well....

KK and I also attended our first labor and delivery class at the hospital last night. I was so thankful that it wasn't cheesy or weird- just very informational and relaxing- I think he will even go back next week! (it's a 4 week class, we're taking our attendance week by week). I was actually totally interested in everything the woman teaching it said. It was interesting to me to learn all the technical jargon and really, what to look for to know you are in labor. ( I thought that would be good info to know!) KK also said he learned a lot and only was bored once or twice, which is a small victory on my part.

The funny part of the class was this gross couple who of course sat right next to us during the breathing techniques portion of the class. First of all, these people where largely overweight, they came in with a Big Gulp to share from our local 7-11. Why do people support the stereotypes associated with them? C'mon now! The woman had on sweat pants (it was friggin 95 degrees yesterday) and a cut-off t-shirt with a sports bra underneath. She was also sporting a spectacular hair scrunchy from the 90s. The mad had on a sweet Disneyland hat and beat-up skater shoes- it was ridiculous. However, Sadly, it made me feel better about my own weight gain. But back to my story- her husband breathed so loud through his nose that you could here his exhaling the entire time we were watching the teacher's power point presentation- and he kept laughing during inappropriate times- like when the teacher would talk about the mucus plug, or having a bladder infection, for example. idiot
So when we made it to the floor for the relaxation technique/breathing portion at the end of the class, those cool people plopped themselves down next to me and KK- it's karma, I know...
let me just say I'm glad these people have love, have a lot of it, and they are not afraid to share with any and all who have the pleasure of being in their company. They kissed, caressed, and canoodled waaaaaayyyy beyond what was necessary to create a calm environment. I was trying not to watch so that I would not vomit and/or laugh my face off- I mean geez people, I need these relaxation techniques and tidbits.. save the PDA for the bedroom!
Needless to say, it was overall an educational and enlighting (in more ways then one) experience.. I'm looking forward to next week's adventure- I mean- class!
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Monday, July 7, 2008

and now... back to reality

Kris and I were up at my family's cabin this weekend for some relaxing 4th of July fun. My parents were there and my little brother made it up from Moscow too. We had such a good time- my mom and I cleared off a little area next to the river for our own private beach, and we just relaxed in the sun, got some summer reading done, and even swam in the freezing river!

Kris got an opportunity to do some fly fishing, which he hasn't gotten to do because he was so sick for so long (thankfully the antibiotics cleared up his prostatitus). I was happy for us to have the time away from the stress of daily life: Kris's mother is going through some tough physical and mental times- it's really hard to deal with because we are really all the family she has that is physically able to help her.... and it's also frustrating because she is only 61, but is acting like a neurotic feeble old woman. I don't really want to get into what she is putting us through...she has a whole bundle of problems in my opinion... the good news is we are getting her help- she goes to her doctor this morning and a therapist tomorrow. My poor husband is trying his best to be patient and give her the love and support she needs right now- and I am trying my best to help any way I can! Please send up a prayer for her ! We want her to get better so she can be Grandma in a few weeks!

On the pregnancy front... I'm finally starting to feel the impact of carrying this baby around! I'm experiencing a lot of numbness in my hands.. mostly when I sleep at night, however, sometimes during the day at random times my right hand will start to go tingly- it's the weirdest thing! Good thing I have a doc appointment Wednesday so she can explain what I'm sure is a routine pregnancy side-effect. I also have just felt *bleh* off and on for the past couple of days. Kinda like sick-ish feeling, but just like I can't get comfortable and I'm not comfortable doing anything-walking, laying down, sitting up, etc. I don't think Ali is comfortable in her shrinking living space- she has been shifting and turning more and more! I'm trying hard to get over myself and perk up.. I've got 6 more weeks for cryin out loud!
If I don't stop this belly achin, my poor hubby is going to deliver this baby himself! :-)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tomorrow makes 33!

Over the next few weeks, your little one seems more like a mini sumo-in-training, as she’s going to gain more than half of her total birth weight in that short time. Even though the level of your amniotic fluid is at its maximum, at 18" long, your little gal is seriously running out of room -- especially considering that when she's in the fetal position, she's roughly the size of a soccer ball!.Due to the cramped space, she’s still in that familiar fetal position, and you are definitely going to feel it every time she decides to stretch those long limbs! Her bones are steadily hardening -- except for the skull, which has to remain soft for the journey down the birth canal.Daily fetal kick counts are still important, and you should be experiencing the same amount of movement, so be sure to track the action and call your doctor if there are any significant changes.

It's amazing that we are at 33 weeks! Now that school is out, the time does seem to be draggin by a little more than usual... but I must admit it is still going by crazy fast! And don't worry about the fetal movement- this little bug-a-boo lets me know she's in there throughout my day. I love to watch my belly actually move with her, it is an amazing miracle- and to think in just a few weeks I will meet this wonderful gift... unbelievable.
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