Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Annoyed with dirt

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a bit of a clean freak, especially when it comes to my home. I can clean and clean this place, and I'm never satisfied, it never looks clean enough, there is always something that can be scrubbed. What drives me the most crazy in my house in the hardwood floors. Seriously, they NEVER look clean, even after I have just scrubbed the crap outta them! Our dogs are the real problem- they have scratched the floors to sh*t, and about 6 minutes after I get them visibly clean there are 3 bazillion paw prints everywhere.

I also absolutely HATE the couch and chair/ottoman that is in our living room. We bought them about 3 years ago with the promise that microfiber was great to have for pets. Well it's not. There are stains all over the damn things, not to mention that Jack the dog like to lick the fabric off the couch- yeah, it looks real nice. I have tried everything- cleaning them with various cleaners, covering them with slipcovers, etc. Now I am just giving up. I wish wish wish we could afford new couches, but with this baby coming we just can't justify a big purchase at the moment, especially after spending a butt load on our landscaping.

And speaking of how much I hate a dirty house, I am on my way to clean it yet again. I will have 3 minutes of bliss upon completion of this project- and I look forward to my little window of sunshiney happiness!


Liz said...

I hate having a dirty house too. The worst is when you come home from vacation to a dirty house. I don't know why that's the worst, but it is.

Andrea said...

can u say nesting?? i did this right before B came. trust won"t ever get as clean as u need! and the microfiber...ugh, hated it! we went ith leather this time around & the distressed look suits us! can"t wait for Alli!!

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