Friday, July 11, 2008

Phew, she made it

I was so happy to wake up this morning and see an email from my bestest-estest friend, Rose. Rosie is a captain in the U.S. Air Force, and was recently serving a 6 month stay in Iraq. Her husband (who is also in the AF) is stationed in Turkey. Needless to say, Rosie made it safely outta Iraq and back to her loving husband's arms 2 nights ago. Now, I can breath again. It makes me tear up with relief- PRAISE GOD!!!

You never really know how much someone means to you until you are faced with the thought of losing them. I am so thankful for this girl- she is the sister that God did not give me. Even in the face of a brutal battle, living a million miles from home.. and from her husband(!) she was always upbeat and laughing- we could find anything to make fun of- even being stationed in hot, dusty, sticky Iraq! I love you Rose, you hold my heart. Thank you for being my forever friend.

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