Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tomorrow makes 33!

Over the next few weeks, your little one seems more like a mini sumo-in-training, as she’s going to gain more than half of her total birth weight in that short time. Even though the level of your amniotic fluid is at its maximum, at 18" long, your little gal is seriously running out of room -- especially considering that when she's in the fetal position, she's roughly the size of a soccer ball!.Due to the cramped space, she’s still in that familiar fetal position, and you are definitely going to feel it every time she decides to stretch those long limbs! Her bones are steadily hardening -- except for the skull, which has to remain soft for the journey down the birth canal.Daily fetal kick counts are still important, and you should be experiencing the same amount of movement, so be sure to track the action and call your doctor if there are any significant changes.

It's amazing that we are at 33 weeks! Now that school is out, the time does seem to be draggin by a little more than usual... but I must admit it is still going by crazy fast! And don't worry about the fetal movement- this little bug-a-boo lets me know she's in there throughout my day. I love to watch my belly actually move with her, it is an amazing miracle- and to think in just a few weeks I will meet this wonderful gift... unbelievable.

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Nanette said...

Very exciting! Only 48 days left to go for you! Wow!

And I can't tell you how much of my day is spent watching my belly move and bounce. Makes me so very happy to know that she's building her little muscles and dancing around in there.

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