Friday, March 21, 2008

What the ??? Random Friday

  • I am currently watching a BLIZZARD outside my classroom window (don't worry, I am on my plan period, so I am not leaving high school kiddos unattended). Seriously, I woke up to snow, and it has not stopped yet! CRAZY!!!!
  • I'm working on my blog's appearance, I can't seem to find any template that pleases me, so pardon the changes!
  • I felt the baby move yesterday for the first time!!!! My husband and I were sitting at our local favorite sports bar watching Washington State win their first round of the NCAA tourney - GO COUGS! and it felt like my tummy rolled forward- weird, but amazing. Of course my husband boasted that, being the baby is a Knowles, it loves basketball even in the womb and had to do a flip to celebrate- ha! Needless to say, it was awesome. Now I want it to happen again!
  • Have a Happy Easter Weekend- we will be searching for eggs under a fresh blanket of snow!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

1st day of spring!

Happy 1st Day of Spring.... too bad we woke up in Idaho with FRESH SNOW ON THE GROUND!!!!! when is it gonna end!?!?!?!?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

18 weeks! sleep troubles and I hate my clothes

Your bantam edition is the size of a large avocado this week. The retinas on his eyes have formed, which means that if you were to shine a bright light at him, he would move to shield his eyes.And, starting now, he’s probably having his first experience with hiccups. He may get them 2-3 times a day, and it will be a strange sensation -- like a spasming in your belly -- but you can rest easy knowing he isn’t in any discomfort.If you are having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are in place right now, and if a boy, his prostate has formed. Myelin is starting to form around the nerves, like a sort of insulation, and will continue to do so until about 2 years of age.Your baby has become quite the talent in these past few weeks: he's now yawning, swallowing, kicking and making faces on a regular basis.

I'm starting to have trouble sleeping at night- this belly is getting bigger every day it seems! I am a stomach sleeper, as I've mentioned before. These past few days, stomach sleeping has become a problem. I find myself waking up at night with a stabbing feeling in my tummy if I've been sleeping on it. I've tried sleeping on my side and on my back, but I get restless and wake up often. I think I might need to start imparting the use of some extra pillows to cushion my body and make it more comfy, it's annoying and aggravating! Not to mention I think I slept on my neck wrong last night and now have a slight droning headache.

I've also gotten into a funk with my clothes. The thing is, my husband and I are both teachers, meaning we do not have a lot of extra money for me to spend each month on clothing. So for now I am wearing the 3-5 pairs of maternity pants either given to me or that my sweet mommy bought for me for my birthday. I have been pairing those pants with button down tops because that is all I have as far as long sleeve shirts (being that it is currently 40 degrees in Idaho, short sleeve shirts are on the back burner). So I am stuck- I am not sure if I want to tuff it out with the boring 6 outfits I keep rotating or if I should break out the capris to add a little variety. Granted, I am so thankful for the slathering of maternity clothes options my friends have lent or given me, it just isn't the same as wearing my normal variety of clothing.
My solution so far has been the great EBAY- however, I am so stuck on what to buy! I really want to start getting cute spring stuff, but it is still so cold around here that I don't want to buy a whole bunch of stuff I can't yet wear... plus, I don't want to overdue it on "work clothes" when the bulk of my biggest pregnancy days will be spent in the summer when school's out. It's just so hard to figure this clothing thing out when I am in the in-between -belly sizes stage. Oh, the dilemma- what a hard life I lead (**sarcasm**)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Feeling Better (and random)!

Thank the good Lord- I am finally feeling better! I cannot believe that I have suffered 2 COLDS this flu season- it's bizarre. Seriously- I never get sick. This baby is sucking it all from my immune system... but if suffering through 2 colds is all I have to worry about to bring this sweet little bug-a-boo into the world- it's worth it.

And listen to this! It is March 17th... and I woke up today to MORE SNOW! Like 2 inches of it- crazy! That's what I get for living in North Idaho...

And the best news of the morning... I FINISHED MY MASTER'S DEGREE!! I'm still waiting to hear my final grade from my internship, which has been promised by March 23rd. I am so relieved to have it done- I am pretty proud of myself: 26 years old and holding a Secondary Educational Administration Degree- that's pretty good if I do say so myself. Glad it's over too, I've had all the schooling I can take for awhile!

And let's not forget that this week begins MARCH MADNESS


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Cold

I have ANOTHER cold!! This is the 2nd one in 10 weeks, I am so sick of it!!! This one is a bad one- my chest feels like someone has scrapped a knife across my lungs, I cannot breathe from my nose at all, but thankfull today my headache is gone- yesterday I could not open my eyes because my eyeballs felt like they were being pulled from my sockets- real fun.
Not to mention that the whole thing started on Saturday, so I was not able to get my final portfolio done for my master's degree, and will probably have to spend Saturday finishing it, turning it in late. My teacher knows the scenario and does not care, but I hate when things are not done on time.
I just hope this thing goes away soon- I am sick of feeling crummy and I've got sh*t to do!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The countdown begins

I went and had my 4 month check-up yesterday- got to hear the babies heartbeat again (which made me smile with glee) and everything is coming along nicely! My doctor wasn't too concerned about my bleeding episode, and said we will check at next month's ultrasound to see how big my placenta really is. She told me that I should begin to feel the baby "quickening" any time- I can't wait for that! I also did not get yelled at for weight gain, so that's a big relief, considering I feel like a big fat fatty bo balatty.

The best part of the appointment was learning that we get to find out what we're having on April 2nd!!! Only 28 days to go!!! It's funny- because when we first found out I was pregnant I didn't really care to know what the sex of this baby is... but now that I am thinking of this baby as a real person, I find myself anxious daily to figure out whether we're having baby boy or baby girl. Personally, I have no feeling either way- I have had 2 boy dreams, but nothing too convincing. Most people say they think Boy- 3 people have also told me Girl.
The best part is knowing I have a little piece of my and KKs heart growing inside of me, safe and sound.

Monday, March 3, 2008

4 months tomorrow!

Here is my little belly - 4 months old! The momma, on the other hand, does not have anything on her, other than the belly and squinty eyes, that would be considered little. Man, I really need to take better care of myself- I look like crap!
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