Wednesday, March 19, 2008

18 weeks! sleep troubles and I hate my clothes

Your bantam edition is the size of a large avocado this week. The retinas on his eyes have formed, which means that if you were to shine a bright light at him, he would move to shield his eyes.And, starting now, he’s probably having his first experience with hiccups. He may get them 2-3 times a day, and it will be a strange sensation -- like a spasming in your belly -- but you can rest easy knowing he isn’t in any discomfort.If you are having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are in place right now, and if a boy, his prostate has formed. Myelin is starting to form around the nerves, like a sort of insulation, and will continue to do so until about 2 years of age.Your baby has become quite the talent in these past few weeks: he's now yawning, swallowing, kicking and making faces on a regular basis.

I'm starting to have trouble sleeping at night- this belly is getting bigger every day it seems! I am a stomach sleeper, as I've mentioned before. These past few days, stomach sleeping has become a problem. I find myself waking up at night with a stabbing feeling in my tummy if I've been sleeping on it. I've tried sleeping on my side and on my back, but I get restless and wake up often. I think I might need to start imparting the use of some extra pillows to cushion my body and make it more comfy, it's annoying and aggravating! Not to mention I think I slept on my neck wrong last night and now have a slight droning headache.

I've also gotten into a funk with my clothes. The thing is, my husband and I are both teachers, meaning we do not have a lot of extra money for me to spend each month on clothing. So for now I am wearing the 3-5 pairs of maternity pants either given to me or that my sweet mommy bought for me for my birthday. I have been pairing those pants with button down tops because that is all I have as far as long sleeve shirts (being that it is currently 40 degrees in Idaho, short sleeve shirts are on the back burner). So I am stuck- I am not sure if I want to tuff it out with the boring 6 outfits I keep rotating or if I should break out the capris to add a little variety. Granted, I am so thankful for the slathering of maternity clothes options my friends have lent or given me, it just isn't the same as wearing my normal variety of clothing.
My solution so far has been the great EBAY- however, I am so stuck on what to buy! I really want to start getting cute spring stuff, but it is still so cold around here that I don't want to buy a whole bunch of stuff I can't yet wear... plus, I don't want to overdue it on "work clothes" when the bulk of my biggest pregnancy days will be spent in the summer when school's out. It's just so hard to figure this clothing thing out when I am in the in-between -belly sizes stage. Oh, the dilemma- what a hard life I lead (**sarcasm**)


jenny said...

i was going to suggest ebay, but you've been there it seems. i think that some people sell entire 'wardrobes' of their maternity clothes so maybe you could find a nice mix? i really liked wearing yoga type pants and smiliar stretchy type tops all the time.

glad i found your blog! :)

Ann said...

I got some cute things at old navy online while I was pregnant, and you should really check out some thrift stores.

love you!!!!!

Cheryl said...

you might want to try second hand stores, they have a good selection of maternity clothes. and i use to be a belly sleeper till i had children 25 and almost 27 years ago, i still sleep on my back!

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