Thursday, March 6, 2008

The countdown begins

I went and had my 4 month check-up yesterday- got to hear the babies heartbeat again (which made me smile with glee) and everything is coming along nicely! My doctor wasn't too concerned about my bleeding episode, and said we will check at next month's ultrasound to see how big my placenta really is. She told me that I should begin to feel the baby "quickening" any time- I can't wait for that! I also did not get yelled at for weight gain, so that's a big relief, considering I feel like a big fat fatty bo balatty.

The best part of the appointment was learning that we get to find out what we're having on April 2nd!!! Only 28 days to go!!! It's funny- because when we first found out I was pregnant I didn't really care to know what the sex of this baby is... but now that I am thinking of this baby as a real person, I find myself anxious daily to figure out whether we're having baby boy or baby girl. Personally, I have no feeling either way- I have had 2 boy dreams, but nothing too convincing. Most people say they think Boy- 3 people have also told me Girl.
The best part is knowing I have a little piece of my and KKs heart growing inside of me, safe and sound.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I have to say the day we found out Brady was a boy, was the most exciting event EVER! I wouldn't have changed it for the world.
And I, of course, will be tuning in April 2nd :D

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