Monday, July 7, 2008

and now... back to reality

Kris and I were up at my family's cabin this weekend for some relaxing 4th of July fun. My parents were there and my little brother made it up from Moscow too. We had such a good time- my mom and I cleared off a little area next to the river for our own private beach, and we just relaxed in the sun, got some summer reading done, and even swam in the freezing river!

Kris got an opportunity to do some fly fishing, which he hasn't gotten to do because he was so sick for so long (thankfully the antibiotics cleared up his prostatitus). I was happy for us to have the time away from the stress of daily life: Kris's mother is going through some tough physical and mental times- it's really hard to deal with because we are really all the family she has that is physically able to help her.... and it's also frustrating because she is only 61, but is acting like a neurotic feeble old woman. I don't really want to get into what she is putting us through...she has a whole bundle of problems in my opinion... the good news is we are getting her help- she goes to her doctor this morning and a therapist tomorrow. My poor husband is trying his best to be patient and give her the love and support she needs right now- and I am trying my best to help any way I can! Please send up a prayer for her ! We want her to get better so she can be Grandma in a few weeks!

On the pregnancy front... I'm finally starting to feel the impact of carrying this baby around! I'm experiencing a lot of numbness in my hands.. mostly when I sleep at night, however, sometimes during the day at random times my right hand will start to go tingly- it's the weirdest thing! Good thing I have a doc appointment Wednesday so she can explain what I'm sure is a routine pregnancy side-effect. I also have just felt *bleh* off and on for the past couple of days. Kinda like sick-ish feeling, but just like I can't get comfortable and I'm not comfortable doing anything-walking, laying down, sitting up, etc. I don't think Ali is comfortable in her shrinking living space- she has been shifting and turning more and more! I'm trying hard to get over myself and perk up.. I've got 6 more weeks for cryin out loud!
If I don't stop this belly achin, my poor hubby is going to deliver this baby himself! :-)


Jonathon said...

You left a comment on my blog about cloth diapering... I was hesitant to try it and now i love it. We use disposables still from time to time for convenience but I really try to avoid them. Just curious why you are doing a diaper service- the diapers are SOOOO easy to wash! Especially if you are breastfeeding, you don't even have to rinse first. Anyway I don't want to be nosey but thought I'd throw that out there. Also, if you wash your own you can try the "fancy" cloth diapers too. Which are even easier to use- do a search for "cloth diaper" on my blog I know I've written a lot about different types we've tried.

Andrea said...

Oh honey... I totally feel you. The last couple of weeks are the worst! I would say, try a pool or maybe a walk? I felt so bleh the last couple of weeks and all I wanted to do was sleep. The pool did help though, because of the weightlessness (sp?)

kristi said...

i agree with getting in the pool. both my girls were september babies and i lived in a pool. i felt so big and horrible. it's almost over though! then you'll have your sweet baby girl!

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