Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday, everyone! I know I say this too much- but I cannot believe how stinking busy my life can be! I'm hurrying after another hectic school day to write this post so I can go pick up my sweet little wiggles...

I do have some good news to report- I petitioned to our on site technology man, and he has allowed google reader through the security proxy at school! So I can once again read your blogs on my lunch break- hoorah! I so look forward to that little treat during my work week!

I am also feeling less annoyed since my last blog, so that is definitely a plus! Unfortunately, Ali is not feeling less annoyed about being a big sister(hee hee)
Actually, she's going to be SUCH a good big sissie! She loves her baby dolls- she pats them and rocks them and sings to them. And this weekend she held an actual 6 week old baby and was very gentle and gave him lots of kisses- SO CUTE!

We are doing pretty good in our neck of the woods- just plugging along through life! Ali and I carved a pumpkin on Saturday- well I carved, she tried to eat and squish all the inside of the pumpkin. I let her go crazy (but couldn't take a picture because I was too messy!). She was squishing the insides of the pumpkin, throwing it around the table, and just laughing her little buns off! We had so much fun... I've been waiting my whole adult life to have someone to carve a pumpkin with-before Ali I did it myself! So this year was definitely fun and memorable. I did get a picture of her trying to pick up the big orange "ball":

Otherwise, we've just been hanging out and enjoying being a family. One thing that I must complain about- Ali will not sleep through the night! I do not know if it is teeth, or just her being ornery! It is so hard to tell when she is teething, as she normally does not show any "teething" signs. So every night, she wakes up and cries in her bed, and her and daddy have a "fight". He goes and gets her, she then wriggles around our bed for awhile- he yells and her to go to sleep-puts her back in her crib... and some nights she'll stay there, and others she'll wake up in about 3 hours and start the process with him over again. I cannot figure out if she's got him bamboozled, or if she's really being woken up for some other reason?


kimca01 said...

Oh sister, she has you totally snowed! The more you go get her, the more she knows to cry louder, fuss longer etc, because she knows what the end result will be. The older she gets, the more staying power she will have. And after 18 months, good luck!

Leave her for 3-4 days and you will be shocked at the change.

If we ever need to soothe Callie (it's pretty rare), we have a not out of your crib rule. We will rub her back but once she is in, she's in!

How are you feeling???

Oh PS weighed Callie - 31 lbs LOL

Lindsay said...

She's a cutiepatootie! It may be her k9 teeth (the front eye teeth) or 12 year molars. Averee was a great teether as well....until those came along. She woke up every night for about a week (ok 2 weeks) sorry. Maybe Ali will be over it quick fast and in a hurry!
(((big Texas kisses)))

Gemini said...

I agree. It hurts like hell, but you're gonna have to let her cry. If I let blue eyes cry for 3 minutes, he figures it out and goes back to sleep. Trust me it sucks, but eventually she will learn. Love ya!!

FROGGITY! said...

glad you can read again!! hope life is less annoying!
she sure is a precious little thing!

how far along are you? hope you are feeling well and doing great! :)

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