Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crying in the Night

Ok - so I completely agree with you wise Mommas out there in that we should let Ali cry it out. Now, I have to convince my husband of this fact.

However, I think that Ali's problem is bigger then just having a desire to be in our bed (which, as much as she rolls around in there, I don't think she really likes it or gets too comfy).
Case in point: last night, I really paid attention (i.e. woke up enough to have my wits about me- remember, I'm a heavy sleeper, so my hubs is usually the one given me morning reports of the crying incidents) when she woke up. She was not crying, she was SCREAMING. Like crying as if she was left alone in a dark subway station. And when KK went to get her, she was sitting up in the corner of her crib, clutching Elmo. When he brought her into our room and set her between us in bed, she continued to SCREAM. I reached over and brought her to me, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and cried for a good 5 minutes. I finally soothed her enough to get her to lye down, and took her back to her crib after she calmed down, where she slept soundly for the rest of the night.
I think the kid either has some serious separation anxiety, or she's afraid of the dark, or she's really stinkin manipulative.
Tonight, I'm going to try and put her night light back into her room, give her a squirt of Motrin, and see what happens.
I do think a bit of it is her wanting to be with us, but there has to be a reason she's screaming bloody murder at 1:00am!


Sweetbabs said...

Could be night terrors. Is it round the same time ever night that she wakes up? Even if it is our dr. told us to just leave her alone cause if you fully wake a child with night terrors it will take twice as long for them to fall back into a restful sleep.

Also I have noticed that my little one sleeps like crap if she had had to much sugar/chocolate/sweets in a day. Case in point my mother who just quite smoking came over Sunday and had a bunch of sugar filled suckers with her. I was stupid enough to keep saying okay to share them with her and we had an awful night of sleep Sunday. I mean awful. Poor girl was wired.

If you think it is neither of those two then sorry to tell you but your little girl is playing you both. Even if she is screaming bloody murder most likely there is nothing wrong with her. I only get up with Cute Pants now if she is sick with a cough and stuffy nose.Or if we have a night like Sunday where she is just not sleepy due to my complete ignorance. :-) Good Luck. Stay strong and stick it out. It will work in the end. It did for us and Cute Pants was up a solid three times a night till she was one and we did the cry it out method.

Lindsay said...

Oh honey! Ok this has happened to us a few times. But I had a friend who swore that she could not be having night terrors yet. I think she WAS. It was so sad...screaming and like you said, she was clutching an animal in her bed. :( So, hopefully this was just a one night thing for you guys, and the other nights were those terrible teeth. Go away monsters in Ali's dreams and sweet dreams little girly...and Mommy & Daddy's too! :)

Gemini said...

Wow, that is crazy!! I might call the pediatrician and see what her take is on that? Blue eyes never screams like that, or even sits up. Who's to say?

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