Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How much is that Doggie in the window?

I must update all you Mommies who gave me great advice that I am proud to say that it only took one night of Ali screaming bloody murder- and not being picked up by her mean momma and daddy... and she got it! The kid is back to sleeping through the night- Hallelujah!

And we had so much fun on Halloween- Ali went around with our neighborhood friends and watched them trick or treat from her wagon. She wasn't into going up to any houses, and she totally didn't care! Our housing development is like Trick or Treat Central- there were so many people out that I had to take the wagon on the street because the sidewalks were full! Ali just loved to watch all the kids walk by her in there costumes- she laughed and said HI to everyone, it was a blast! She's such a fun-loving, mellow kid... I'm thanking my lucky stars for her every minute! We also had warmer weather for Halloween night(rare for North Idaho) so we didn't have to worry about bundlin up in jackets... it was a balmy 50 degrees people!

And please excuse the food all over Ali's face (and hanging from her mouth) in her pictures... she has recently taken to NOT smiling for the camera, and not really looking at it without some sort of bribery- stubborn lil thang!

After trick or treating, we went back to our friends' house and Ali helped everyone hand out candy. The highlight of the night was when Elmo and Cookie Monster came to the door- I sooo wish I had brought my camera because Ali was in awe. She just stared at them, mouth hanging wide open, and kept repeating Elmo over and over. From that point on, whenever the doorbell rang, she would run and look for Elmo- priceless!

..switching gears...

Tomorrow we have our 12 week ultrasound- let me just say I cannot wait to see that little bug wigglin around in there- and hearing the heartbeat for the 1st time.. there's nothing in the world like it!

As for MY growth- I'm reaching that in-between clothes stage to the point now where I only have about 4 pairs of pants that fit and I am in to some smaller maternity tops. Maternity pants are waaay too baggy so I'm pretty much screwed on that part. I hate this point of pregnancy- I just want to move forward already... but I'm the unfortunate pregnant lady who just looks chubby - you know, undefined muffin top waist- till I'm about 6 months along. I finally told my students that we were expecting so they wouldn't gossip that Mrs. Knowles is gaining weight at an unquestionable rate! (believe me, it happens- )


Lindsay said...

How CUTE is that doggy in the window is the question! Oh 50 is super chilly, no wonder you think us Texans are crazy for not wearing jackets! :)
Yay for the ultrasound, I can't wait for an update!
Haha, good idea to tell your kiddos, they would start talkin'...

kimca01 said...

Ha! She looks so cute!!! Callie (and definately Morgan) would have gone nuts to see Cookie Monster and Elmo - they are big fans!

I'm soooo glad you are one of those people that is willing to listen to other moms, it will save you a WORLD of hassles! Most moms I know will ask for advice but then never bother to try anything.

Are you finding out down the road what this bean is or doing the surprise thing?

FROGGITY! said...

she's soooo cute!
girl, i just laughed that you called 50 balmy. we put on full gear when it gets that low down here! last year it was like 73 on thanksgiving! ick. sounds like halloween was so fun! excited for you on your ultrasound. time passes so quickly!

Kerry said...

She is an adorable doggie! :)

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