Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It snowed over the weekend (don't worry, it's all melted now).. and Ali had her first official romp in the snow. She had a blast, and absolutely loved it- which made me excited for the winter season... normally I'm not a big snow person, but seeing the winter weather through a child's eyes sure changes your perspective.

Needless to say, Ali had a blast and cried when I was too freezing to be outside anymore and we had to go back in. I was bummed when it all melted the next day, as I can't wait to use her red wagon that Gramma got her last Christmas And not to worry- we live in North Idaho- snow is inevitable :)
On Sunday evening, we went to my parents house for pizza and to take the Gabourie Family Picture for my parents' Christmas card.

My family is just lovely- I can't think of a better word to describe them. I love and cherish each of them so very much. I am so thankful that they live only 7 minutes from us and that we can spend as much (or as little) time together as we want. My family is awesome- Griff and I had a wonderful upbringing, and I am so glad to share that part of me with KK and Ali.. and baby on the way! Ali just loves Grammie and Papa, we have so much fun with them. The way my parents and brother love KK also makes me so thankful for them- it's just a big, happy fam-dam!
This weekend we are heading downtown for the annual Holiday Parade and tree lighting. My dad also rented a room at the Coeur d Alene Resort, so we get to spend the holiday weekend on a mini-vacation! I'm so excited to just "get away", relax, spend time with my family, and celebrate the holiday season! KK's birthday is Friday, it will be great to celebrate it that way! He's also got a Thanksgiving Basketball Tourney, so we will be action-filled and super fun! Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Aww... I love all the snow!!! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

FROGGITY! said...

I love the snow pics!!! Makes me feel all holiday-ish! She's a precious, precious little snow bunny. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

kimca01 said...

SO cute!!!

Where is A's jacket from? Callie needs a new one - of course she had to outgrow the one we got her in SEPT... grr! Need a warm one but they are hard to find without being hugely bulky!

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