Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday

  • Yesterday us teachers had a workday, so the students did not come to school. May I say, it was awesome! I got so much work done (thank God), plus it was a nice refresher to be away from the little angels for a day!
  • A student that I totally had problems with - i.e. he told me to "shut my mouth" one day, on another day he told me to "F*&^ OFF" another day, has checked out of our school and transferred to another- PRAISE GOD! You could not imagine what a breath of fresh air that is for me, and how much easier it makes teaching that class, allowing my full attention to the students who deserve it (did I also mention it is a remedial English class? - yeah, not good).
  • Another student (male) has a behavior problem that I am not sure how to control: he passes gas during class time- all the time! I think he does it to be funny, or just does not have any manners... I'm contemplating a call home, just not to sure how to handle that one. 14 year old boys never cease to amaze me!
  • My daughter is hilarious- I put a little potty in her bathroom, just to show her it's there, and let her get used to the idea that one day she will go to the bathroom there. Last night, I had her all ready to hop in the bath, and I ran back to her room to get her PJs before putting her in the tub. When I came back to the bathroom, there was Ali, crouched down in front of her potty, holding on to it for leverage- so she could poop on the floor, right in front of the potty! Apparently she has yet to understand the concept of the potty ! hahahaha- gives me a good chuckle every time I think about it!
  • This morning, Ali had her baby in her booster chair, and was pointing her finger in the baby's face, giving her the "what for"- not sure where she learned to ream out a person like that from- I'm not a big pointer, I don't think? But from the looks of it, she's sure gonna make a bossy big sister!
  • My mother-in-law has found a way to be at our house every night this week. Fabulous. Of course she's just "dropping by" quick- just to drop off something.. yeah, it never works out that way- the woman usually ends up sucking at least 30 minutes of our evening, not like we don't work full time and have 1,000 things to do... not to mention my hubs left this morning for a tournament in Wyoming for the weekend AND had a game last night, so she pretty much sucked all the time we had to be together- lovely. She's on this kick that Ali needs to be wearing chords because they're just "so cute" and she loves her chords (this is coming from the woman who has overalls in every color imaginable). Here's the thing- Ali's chubby thighs make it real hard right now to put her in anything besides stretchy pants and sweats- so the woman is buying Ali boy chords- which equal ugly in my book. My daughter does not need to be running around wearing boy clothes, especially when she has a million other pants that work! GET A LIFE, LADY! cause I'm gonna loose it if you don't leave our family alone!
  • I have not gained any weight since my last doctor visit- whoo hoo for me! I'm still wearing non-prego pants with loose tops~ some are tighter than others... but I'm really trying hard this time not to get to chunky.. I have this fear that losing the weight after the 2nd child will not be as easy as it was with the first.. and believe me, I've still got a long way to go to be toned again! HA!
  • I can totally tell I've got the emotional pregnant hormones running strong lately- I cried about a cell phone commercial yesterday- and was bawling in tears reading about the Christmas family my 9th graders have adopted this holiday season- and I mean, like sobbing- what is wrong with me?

Phew- and there's my brain thought waves for the morning- glad I got all that out :) Happy Thursday everyone!


Lindsay said...

Well that is just awful that that boy was such a turd...glad he's gone!! And Ali pooin' on the floor made me laugh so hard, that's awesome. I bet you has a priceless look on your face after that one! Happy's to a great weekend, maybe MIL free for your sake! :)

Alexa said...

Ahhh, pregnancy hormones, LOL...I would cry at the sight of a puppy. I feel ya! I am so excited for you though, really, jealous!

thelumberjackswife said...

The poopy story is hilarious! And yeah, say no to boy chords. Sorry about the emotions-wonderful news on no weight gain!

Loved this post! :)

FROGGITY! said...

oooh, glad that student left the school!!! it's okay to cry at cell phone commercials. happens to the best of us!

Filterarrow said...

I'm glad that student left the school too!!!

In Spain teachers are suffering a lot because of that sort of students behaviors. And what is worst, is that most of the parents are always on the kids side.

Nice blog, congrats

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