Monday, September 14, 2009

I suck at this

I have a hard time blogging lately- it's just the last thing I wanna do lately. I think I'm just trying to get used to working again ( that sounds, terrible, I know) but when you go from playing with a 1 year old all day, everyday, to being expected to think on your feet, lecture, answer 1 bagillion questions from high schoolers- it's hard to make the transition! Plus, the last thing I wanna do when I get home from school is sit down at the computer, when all I really wanna do is play with my baby girl! So this post is coming to you from my school computer, and don't worry, I'm not wasting valuable teaching time- I'm on my plan period!

So, just to give you and update on our lives as of late...
At Ali's 1 year appointment her stats where:
Weight: 25lbs 8 oz
Height: 30 inches
And I don't remember her head size - but Dr. P was super impressed with her vocabulary and commented on how observant our little sweet girl is, and of course the doc had to kiss Ali's chubber cheeks- which are getting smaller by the day- boo!

Ali loooooovvvvvvves her daycare, teacher, and all the fun activities, as do her momma and daddy. Seriously, that place is awesome. She is singing songs at home (well, trying), she loves to color and always comes home covered in dirt and art supplies- which means she's playing her heart out all day long- I love it! Her teacher is amazing- every day when I pick up Ali she squeezes her and tells her she loves her(the teacher) and Ali gives her moochies, I just love that she has such a nurturing place to hang while we cannot be with her.
And the funny story highlight from last week (since every day there's a new story- our little clown!) Last week the whole school was having circle time to learn some new songs, and Ali got up, went and sat in the middle of the circle, and clapped and laughed for all the singers- apparently she thought it was all for her! What a little ham!

Everything else is going fine- we are just exhausted trying to get back into the routine... but life is good, God is blessing us- and I can't wait to share some good news with y'all as soon as it becomes public knowledge!


FROGGITY! said...

great to hear everyone's doing well. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! My little guy is 14 months old-it is fun to see their personalities come out. Currently, he pretends he is a dog and he walks around panting all day. Weird! :)

Lindsay said...

First of all, I love your picture (profile) or whatever it's called on here! Too funny!

Secondly, yay that y'all are doing great!!!

25lbs...whoo- sister! Cutie-pie!

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