Monday, October 15, 2007

Extra Dough

I've decided I want to do something to make a little extra "cushion" every month. And I'm not talking about my ass (believe me, I've got that area covered), I'm talking about money.
Being a teacher who is married to a teacher does not exactly mean that el dinero is pouring in. Each month we get a set amount, and we only get paid once, on the 25th of each month.

First of all, let me just say that getting paid once a month totally sucks. Couple that with not getting paid very much once a month, and we've got problems.
I know that I helped to create the lack of extra cash problem myself: KK and I did buy a house that was a little over our price range, but we figured we were investing in our future, and that decision was not one that I regret or feel uncomfortable with at all. I've got a gorgeous home that I can raise lots of chillens' in...I just want a little bit of some extra money to actually buy something for me once in awhile. I mean, you should see my bras and underwears, they are not doing a sufficient job at this point.

So friends, what should I do? I don't want to actually work at a physical 2nd job, like a bookstore or something. With working on my master's degree and teaching, it's just not feasible for my sanity to have to leave one job and go to another.
I want to do something that I can do from home, or sell something, like MaryKay (not really MaryKay, I'm not the face of makeup or beauty) but an at-home sales rep or something. I'm looking to make around $500 a month. Something that won't take up too much time, and doesn't require a constant commitment. I am very friendly and outgoing, and would feel comfortable doing just about anything... I just need some ideas to get me started in the right direction.
It better be good too: seriously, you do not want me to start posting pictures of my horribly neglected underwear drawer.


Ashlie "flight attendants have more fun".... said...

I'm married to a teacher and we purchased a house just a *twee* bit out of our range as well. For shame. Anyway- I tried Mary Kay and I wouldn't recommend it. On the other hand, even if you don't do makeup Avon works (esp. their new "meet mark" line). You can hand out samples and catalouges to people without having to apply any lipstick or dole out advice. You probably wouldn't make $500 a month, but it would be a start. Also, my husband put up ads at school and on Craigslist for tutoring, which can be VERY profitable. Since you're a teacher thats an extra bonus for hiring. Good luck chicha!

Marriage-101 said...

Oh I like Ashlie's tutoring idea. You could also try selling things on ebay, or getting crafy and selling your items on Etsy. The body shop has sales reps similar to Avon/Mary Kay but it's less make up and more body creams and such. There's also pampered chif and cutco, if you're into the selling stuff.

Marriage-101 said...

CHEF not chif.

elysa said...

Speaking from personal experience I would not do any direct sales business. Since you are a blogger I know that you have at least some computer skills I'd recommend being a virtual assistant. Do you have any specific hobbies/interests you could get paid for like writing/art/etc. I do freelance design on the side. My friend who is an art teacher does private art lessons.

Ann said...

I think that tutoring, and avon is such a good idea! I know someone's auntie who would buy lots of the stuff, plus you don't have to do parties!

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