Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh man, I love my girls!

My girls are the BEST THING EVER!!! As busy as my life is- and by busy I mean totally hectic; feel like my brain is a bag of mush; cannot believe how fast time flies when you have two kids...
Let me get back on track to what I was saying... as busy as my life is; I love that my kids are a part of my life, and they bring me so much happiness and fun that it makes it all worth it.
Avery Coy is already 7 months old- unbelievable! She is sitting up, laughing, teething, eating baby food, and is such a happy little chubster. She's not rolling over too often- the doc says probably because she's got around 21 lbs to roll... hee hee
Ali Bananas is totally 2- she's pushing boundaries and figuring out what she can and cannot get away with- but with her smart-as-a-ship mentality it is almost hard to keep a straight face at times: She told me: "don't you tell me no, momma" the other night!  I mean, c'mon now, Miss Bossy Pants! 
She talks like crazy- expanding her vocabulary every day- and she catches on and is so smart and funny: it's amazing watching her brain work. 
She's also potty-trained!!!!!!!!! Going on 2 months now! She doesn't even have accidents during nap time; and only sometimes has some potty in her pull up in the AM after sleeping at night (probably cause she sleeps like a rock).
So yeah, my kids are pretty much amazing. I am so thankful for them every single day- even when they are naughty, I still cannot believe how blessed I am to have them.  They make me understand so much about love and its capacity.  I'll say it again- they make every hour of lost sleep, looooooong days of working then coming home to parent a crazy house, time lost with my husband, brain mush... worth it!


Nanette said...

So cute indeed! I just want to gobble them up!

And yay for potty training! I think we're still a ways off.

Alexa said...

Your girls are too cute!! Having a girl is just so sweet, especially for the mommy :). How fun is Christmas gonna be this year?!?

Also, doesn't it feel good knowing your children will always have one another? I love that.

Lindsay said...

Oh man, me, tooooooo! They are cuter than cute can be!! :) Oh my I can't believe Avery is already 7 months old, no way!! I really hope when we do have another that it's a little girl, I love sisters!! :)

Taylor said...

They are super cute and congrats on potty training!

Marla said...

Cute, cute, cute. :)

Marla at

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