Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am participating in a (much needed) "Blessings" blogpost project from Marla over at Blue Skies Photography. "Each week, we will post a list of our blessings, along with at least one picture. I want Wednesday to become a day where we reflect on our lives and realize we truly are blessed even when things are rough."

So here is my list of blessings for today.

1. My job.  Although I am disheartened at the current state of education in Idaho, I still thank God that I have a job that provides me an income, as well as health insurance.  Besides all the politics that come with education, I do love my students and my workplace, and the people I work with, very much

2. My sweet baby girls. They are so happy and healthy and smart, and they make my heart happy every moment that I think of them.

3.  My hubs. We have a stable marriage, and we are in love. And for that, I am immeasurably grateful.

4. And this week especially, I am so blessed with my Daddy.  He recently retired from his law practice after 34 years. We are celebrating his life's work on Friday.  He's the best.

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Marla said...

What great blessings! It sounds like you have a fabulous family. Thank you for joining. :)

Marla @

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