Thursday, August 9, 2007

New House & New Car

Here is a "real-life" picture of my new digs. Pay no mind to the dirt yard, hydro-seed is on the (long) list of to-do's :)
Also, notice the white Toyota Camry in the garage- I thought I was making a sacrifice by turning in my Highlander to reduce my monthly car payments... gotta have more moolah to spend on my cute new house! turns out- I LOVE the Camry! Not only is it cute and sporty, it gets great gas mileage, is totally comfy- and I love having a white car! There's something to be said about white cars: classy, cute, and practical for North Idaho weather.. you get it.

Other than that- life has been pretty steady... I've got one more week at the water company, then I'm taking a week and a half break before we have to be back at school, getting all ready for the kiddos to start another year. Weird how summer flies by, but winter goes soooo slooooowww.... but it will be nice to be back into the swing of my 'real' job. I like getting off work by 4 at the latest- plus, school starting means fall, which means FOOTBALL!


Marriage-101 said...


Ann said...

very cool kelli! I can't wait to come over sometime! enjoy your break before school starts!

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