Friday, December 14, 2007

Let it Snow!

Here is what it looks like right now in my town (I stole this picture from a news website). Growing up, I never really appreciated the snow. Around my teenage years, in fact, I began to despise it. I hated having to shovel it, drive in it; hated having to wear bulky sweaters to school- not to mention totally uncool snow boots, which I found were a necessity if there was any chance of keeping my jeans dry.

Now, for the first year time in about 10 years- I'm loving it! I love how, when I take my doggies for their morning potty, how peaceful the mornings are. The world is quiet, clean, and so calming. It is like everything is in a deep sleep under a big, white blanket. It is a great way to start my mornings, I've found myself really looking forward to it- amazing.

The snow does make me ache for kiddos to share it with. I need an excuse to make snow angels, snowmen, and throw snowballs (as much as I love KK, he's not going for it). Thankfully, my mom is still the biggest kid at heart, and we are planning to make a snowman this weekend.
Come to think of it, everything makes me ache for a baby. This time of year especially.
But, I just need to focus on what I do have, and that is a beautiful, safe place to live- and a momma who will play with me!


Andrea said...

I have no doubt, if you ache, you will receive :) I am sure a baby will come your way! Maybe this is God's way of teaching you patience! Lord knows, it has taught me an abundance of things. Saying a prayer for your baby making skills to kick in full gear!!

rachel elizabeth said...

oh my gracious, jersey would shut down if it snowed like that here! a baby is going to come to you when you least expect it, you watch. soon enough you'll be the best snow angel making mommy out there! <3

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