Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy, Crappy Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I am not really into my birthday too much, just never have tried to make a big deal... yesterday was the scariest birthday I've ever had.

I went to the bathroom around 11am to find that I was bleeding. Bleeding. The worse possible thing I can think of to see when you are 14.5 weeks pregnant.
Remember, I teach high school, so having a freak attack at school was not going to happen. Needless to say, I was more scared in that Teacher's Lounge bathroom then I've ever felt in my whole life. As soon as I could, I gathered myself enough to walk upstairs to get my husband from class (he also teaches at the school). The second my husband stepped into the hall, I completely broke down again. We walked to the side doors and I called our doctor's office. The nurse asked me all sorts of questions about if we had intercourse in the past 2 days (no) the color of the blood (dark) the amount of blood (medium) and made an appointment for me with another doctor in the office at 1:45, because of course my OB is off on Thursdays.
Kris and I left school anyway and went for a drive
#1 to pass the time
#2 to try and relax and think positive.
We got to the doctor's office about 20 minutes early, but were shuffled right in- thank God! The doc did an ultrasound (on the smallest ultrasound machine known to mankind) and praise God, we saw a heart beat and a wigglin little baby!!!!! It was the best image I have ever seen. Better then the first ultrasound, better then hearing the heartbeat. Knowing my little baby was safe and sound in my belly was the greatest gift I could ask for on my birthday.

Turns out I may have a low-lying placenta; which means my placenta could be touching or covering my cervix. The placenta could possibly (they never know for sure it seems) be trying to separate itself as my uterus grows, causing the slight bleeding. When I have my 20 week ultrasound in April, they will check for sure and we will go from there.

Best news: the baby is and will remain totally fine, regardless of the placenta position
Worst case scenario: I have to take it easy for the remainder of the pregnancy (no lifting, hitting ground balls to my softball team, vacuuming, etc) and I would have to have a C section at 36 weeks.

Today is a brighter day, and the whole experience made me oh so thankful of what an awesome man I married. He loves me and our baby so much, it's beyond words. I am so blessed to have him...
However, I would appreciate any prayers you wanna throw up there for me and my little bug-a-boo!


Sara said...

Scary, but I'm glad everything is going to be ok. I'll keep you in my prayers Kelli!


cougchick said...

hope everything is ok. Take it easy girl!

Andrea said...

OMG! I read that and got that sinking feeling in my stomach. It was exactly what happened to me (actually, 1 day after my 26th birthday) when I found out it was ectopic. I am SO thankful your baby is kicking and well! Prayers are FOR SURE sent your way!

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