Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weird Tuesday

So I was planning on sharing with you all about my wonderful weekend at our cabin... but something happened this morning that will put that story on the back burner.

Remember, I'm a Spanish teacher at a high school. Well, right now I have a student teacher- so I am currently teaching 1st period, and my student teacher then takes over to teach the remaining periods (she lets the pro show her how its done- hahaha)
Ok, so I'm teaching 1st period this morning and I am at the overhead projector when I begin to feel like I'm going to faint- like the black clouds are coming in and I'm seeing stars. Not wanting to act like a fool in front of a classroom of 15 year olds, I sit down in the nearest desk and keep talking. When the feeling does not pass, I calmly head to my desk and take a drink of water and eat a hershey kiss, thinking perhaps I have low blood sugar, even though I ate a significant breakfast this morning.
After taking my drink and eating my kiss, I head back up to the board: that's when I know this could get ugly. I walk back to my desk where my student teacher is seated, and ask her to take over while I step out to get some fresh air ( I teach in a portable so you can walk outside just opening the door). When I get outside it gets really bad. I'm not sure what to do at this point because I can't sit down or I'll get a frozen butt (North Idaho still has snow everywhere!) . At this point, I begin to feel nausious, and I know I'm going to blow chunks. So, with the little vision that I have remaining that the evil black stars has not stolen from me, I briskly walk to the side of the portable and throw up my decaf tea, bagel, and cream cheese. Sorry if this is grossing you out, imagine how I felt! The whole time I'm throwing up and praying for no students to come waltzing out of the building to see Mrs. Knowles tossing her cookies... thankfully those prayers were answered.
After throwing up, I"m happy to notice my fainting spell has passed, and calmly walk inside to the office and call my doctor's office. The explanation I got was that I have increased blood flow because of the baby in my belly, and we're aren't sure why I threw up, could be morning sickness but who knows. Great, thanks. I feel so much better now.
I love this little baby and love that I'm pregnant, but I just want my body back- so I can know what's going on for crying out loud!


Marriage-101 said...

Sounds like morning sickness to me!

Andria and Co. said...

I would get nauseated during my second trimester, and I was told it was from the baby moving. Maybe your little one is kicking field goals in there, and you just don't feel it yet, but your body is sensing it. :)

cougchick said...

You have about 50% more blood volume flowing through your veins so that is why your senses increase so drastically ESPECIALLY your sense of smell and taste.

The dizziness could have been from possibly dehydration. When preggers it is super easy to get dehydrated and not really know it. I would say your Blood pressure probably took a quick drop and all the standing and walking around didn't help. Next time, see if you can quickly excuse yourself or lie down (probably not easy in a Spanish class). For sure, stay seated if you can't lie down.
Anyhoo, hope this helps.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Andrea said...

OH honey! I would love to tell you it gets better, but you will be AMAZED at all the things that happens to your body. At 31 weeks, I can tell you, it gets no easier :) Hang in there though. I know it will be worth it! If you need some comical releif, you can always check my blogs back in Oct! I know there are some that you are going through right now!

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