Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Times

Although it is SNOWING currently... and on March 9th we've got about 5 inches of fresh snow on the ground... I have to say that my weekend was great! Got lots of good, quality family time in and my little girl really shined in her personality this weekend. She is coming to life and on a daily, almost hourly basis she shares with us another great perk of her personality. I love her more and more every minute I'm with her... I can never get over how thankful I am for her sweet self!

Ali enjoyed her first pancake this weekend... don't worry, she got it all !

We also moved her to her big-girl carseat(which by the way I got a great deal on, so click that link!)... so I had to take a last picture of her in her infant seat.

She's doing this no-lip smile thing lately, it's hilarious!

This is MY baby doll from when I was little... her name is Lauren, and Missy loves her as much as I do!

LOVE IT when she grabs her toesies!! Stubborn Miss won't roll over from her back to her tummy, but she sure does love to hold on to those piggies and roll from side to side!


Sweetbabs said...

She is so cute!!! And that is a great price on that car seat. I need answers....Did you get from that website? Did it come in a timely manner? Was it damage free? We need to get our little on into a big girl car seat but we have been to lazy to look. I have heard nothing but good things about Britax but when I saw the prices I almost died.

Sweetbabs said...

Oh and how much was shipping? I am super excited!!! Can you tell.

Lindsay said...

Good for you!! I just finally put Averee in her big girl carseat last month. I couldn't help it, we got it at 5 mos. and it just sat in her room. Then when we were 1 lb. away on the weight limit, I said, "it may be time". :) That seat just sits up so much higher, there is a lever under the front of the seat in case it's tooo tall where you can't see out the back. THat was my problem! Anyway, she's a doll and it just amazes me how they grow and accomplish new things each and every day! You're right it is so nice to appreciate something as simple as a walk now! What was wrong with us before! Haha!!

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