Monday, August 10, 2009

Cabin Weekend!

KK, Ali and I all headed up to the family cabin for the weekend. We took a short trip and left Friday, came back Monday. To tell you the truth, that is actually the perfect amount of time to spend up there when you have an almost 1 year old. There isn't much for the poor gal to do yet- as soon as she starts walking (seriously, ANY MINUTE NOW) it will be a lot more fun for her, and for her momma and daddy! :)

But on Saturday we took a day trip into Montana and stopped at Kootenai Falls. They are absolutely amazing (as you can see in my pictures below)! We had so much fun hiking down, and we went across this really neat, but kinda scary, long bridge that stretches across the Kootenai River. The bridge is a swinging bridge, and only 5 people can be on there at once. It's waaaay high up, and creeped me out if I really thought about it. I felt bad for KK, he had Ali in the backpack and said the weight distribution made it kind of eery walking across that thing! Ali, however, did not seem to be scared at all! She loved it and was so good on the hike- she's such a fun little traveler- we're really lucky if I think about it.

And here's some pictures of our trip:

KK and Ali getting ready to go across the bridge

The gorgeous Kootenai River, from the bridge

Daddy and Ali crossing the swinging bridge

Ali playing in the rocks- and maybe trying to eat some!

Me and Ali hanging out on the beach by the river

And even though packing up a whole lotta crap for every scenario you think a 1 year old is going to need or experience while at a cabin 36 miles from the nearest town is sometimes a pain in the butt. And trying to keep said toddler occupied somewhere where there are a basketful of toys to play with and not much for a crawling baby outside is not always the most relaxing time... what being at the cabin with my husband and my daughter gives me is a chance to breathe it all in and be so thankful and really reflect. The past year of our lives has been amazing, totally different than anything I could have ever hoped for, and just perfect. Ali is going to turn one in a week and a half and looking back, I have squeezed joy from every moment I could. I have lived in the moment with her and taken advantage of all our time together. The time does fly, like people say, but I don't want it back, I don't need it back. I'm thankful for it, and thankful that I've got a million more memories to make with her and that she is here to fill our lives with so much joy. I wake up looking forward to the next moment or milestone with Ali. I look forward to playing with her, teaching her new things, and experiencing life with her. I am totally blessed and am the first person to realize that. My life and each day is a gift. I am spending that time living it- not wishing for it back... and that's an awesome place to be!


Sweetbabs said...

Amazing! Looks like you all had a bast! You look great by the way!!!

Alexa said...

What amazing views!!! Thanks for sharing...jealous. Chris and I are trying to plan next years trip somewhere out west, but maybe we should be thinking up north instead!

Lindsay said...

Oh my that is beautiful! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! She's so stinkin' cute I could eat her up! Seriously!!!
And sometimes it so nice to just get away for a few days, makes you feel refreshed! :)

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