Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Get out your recipe cards!

Alright people (like the 4 of you who read my blog)- Ali' 1st Birthday Party is 2 weekends away (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY! I'M FLABBERGASTED AT HOW FAST THE TIME IS GOING *tear*)... and here's my plan: the party is at 11:00 on Sunday, and we did that to avoid having to spend a bunch of money on serving up a meal. So I'm planning to have appetizers and cake, and I'm not sure what to offer as appetizers? Stuff that's not too fancy, or expensive!
I also am wondering if all the little kids that will be over (ages 2-5) are going to be bored at our house? I'm hoping it's not too hot so we can hang outside mostly, but should I get a crazy kids' sprinkler or something to give them stuff to do? Or will they just figure it out?
Leave it to me to stress about stupid crap, but hey- it's what I do, alright!


Alexa said...

A cheap sprinker from wal-mart is PERFECT. Just warn the parents that their kids will be getting wet.

Cheap appatizer that is LOVED by all.
-1 lb. sausage (you know, it comes in a round tube in the fridge section, like Jimmy Dean or something).
-1 lb. Velveeta cheese
-Rye bread slices

Cook and crumble sausage, being sure not to drain the grease. Melt cheese in with the sausages. stir well until cheese is melted. While the mixture is hot, spread on rye bread slices. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

OMG its good. They go like hotcakes every time I make them. Another good one is pigs in a blanket!

Cut each crescent roll square into 4 pieces, wrap around sausage. Bake as directed on the crescent roll packaging. :)

Great, now I'm hungery....

I hope it is a WONDERFUL party! She'll love it!

Sweetbabs said...

I understand that you do not want to feed that many people but it is kind of expected whether you have it at 11:00 or noon really makes no difference. I know it sucks but it is life. :-( Especially if you have kids coming it is a good idea to feed them well or you run the risk of the kids melting down completely.

Ways to save money 1.) Do lots of crock pot things like BBQ pork or a chicken and noddle casserole. Cheese, cracker, chips dip. How many people do you have coming? I will help any way I can.

A sprinkler is a great idea also it may be a good idea to ask on your friends to bring some kid toys like a bat, ball, sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

Drinks can be cheap as well. A good punch will do. Good luck and send me a message if you want any money saving ideas.

For Cute Pants first birthday I think we ended spending $200 on food and drinks. Minus the cake cause I had a family member make it. We did have left overs though so that was a good thing. We did cook out food. Burgers, brats, hot dogs.

FROGGITY! said...

whoo weee!!! happy birthday to your little one!!!

i heart walmart with regard to a birthday party!!!

kimca01 said...

You want to keep those kids occupied, trust me!

One thing we did for Callie's party is let the kids decorate their own cupcake. Get little plastic shot glasses from the dollar store and fill each with a few sprinkles, m and m's etc. I highly suggest frosting first, don't let them do it LOL

Also, another awesome thing we did for M's parties - get the huge Costco pizzas (they even come half one kind, half another) and bake those up. They are reasonable and taste good. Plus, everyone (except of course Morgan) likes pizza!

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