Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stupid Rain!

Rain Rain Go Away... Little Ali wants to play :(

We have had sooo much rain these past few weeks that I am seriously down in the dumps! Believe me, keeping a 22 month old little miss trapped inside is NOT good for Momma's sanity! It is also not good for the post-pregnancy work out regimen!

And I am so sorry to all my bloggy friends, cause I love ya so much, that I haven't been reading any blogs, or doing any blogging myself. I feel guilty, because you people have become a special part of my heart...but I just really hate sitting at the computer during the summer months... I think it is because I spend so much time on it during the school year- so I kinda need the break from technology... but I find myself stressed because, when I do sit down to blog, I don't know where to start or if I need to catch up on what we've been up too so I keep putting it off and we get into this vicious cycle and now I'm rambling in my mother of 2 foggy brain that has recently developed.... WOW that was a stream of contentiousness if I've ever seen one :)

Anyways- Little Jelli and her fam are still here, happy as can be, chugging along and enjoying life! Oh yeah, and hoping for some sunshine! Love to you all!


Sweetbabs said...

Glad to hear you all are alive and well. Rain sucks!!!! Hoping you gets some nice weather soon!!!

Stacey said...

We've had some crappy weather here, too. Rain in June isn't fun at all. Your girlies are absolutely adorable and I hear you on blogging lately. It's quite an adjustment to two kids, isn't it? I feel lucky to get in a shower let alone blogging. ;)

Lindsay said...

Hey Woman you just had a baby so it's ok if your foggy-brainy right now! :) I'm just glad you're doing well!! And Ali looks super cute on that tire swing! I hope the weather clears up soon and you get some nice sunny days! I'll pass some of this heat your way :) Avery is already growing!! So sweet!!!

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