Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer is Here!

The rain has finally stopped and 80 degree weather has become a normal thing here in Jelli's World.... we are enjoying the sunshine with plenty of walks, trips to the park, and just plan old fun in the sun out in the back yard. Ali is OBSESSED with swinging, or wingin, as she calls it. So much that we hung one of those little toddler swings from the back porch. We have also been working diligently on our back and front yard- and I am proud to say that our house looks awesome and beautiful as I always dreamed it could!

Avery, however, has become a fussy baby. The girl just loves to be held. She cannot get enough! In fact, I am in shock at this moment because she is sleeping in her crib and is not crying to be held. I do not think it is colic or an issue with her formula... she does however have a hard time pooping- not sure if the two are connected... but anyway- Avery will cry and fuss and the minute we pick her up, she will settle back down. I have tried letting her cry for awhile to see if she can calm herself down, but that causes an entirely separate bout of her crying- last time I did that she cried for about 45 minutes AFTER I picked her up; so definitely not going to do that again! I remember Ali was the same- I guess my girls are just cuddle bugs- but I don't remember Ali being this bad; maybe because with Ali I didn't have a 22 month old to chase around too?
Anyway, I am struggling with it a little bit: I do love my baby and I love to hold her- but I am also a busy person by nature and I always have something on my list to do around the house or outside- and holding a baby is a hard adjustment for me. I do love me some moby wrap- it is saving my life with this fussy baby! But even that gets old after a couple of hours.
My mom gave me some good advice: I just have to resolve myself to the fact that probably for the next 4 weeks or so, I will have to give up my daily life's desires and just hold my baby. It's my job as a mom, and as much as it sucks, it's what I have to do because I love her so much. And I'm OK with that. It does suck, but it's the sacrifice I have to make.
And this little girl better never forget it! Cause you know I'm going to tease her with it and hold it over her head for the rest of her life! :)


rachel said...

Hey there :) Just checked back into your blog after quite a while - so excited to see your doing well and your 2 beautiful little girls!! I think your mom is right about this. Chloe is now 4 months old and she still loves to be held but does better, and as you know since you are already a mom, some of these cuddly things they grow out of :) Avery is still young and loves her mommy.

Re: the hard time poooping, I read an article about formula mixing and how the mom's baby was sort of constipated and she said she was leveling off the formula scoop, therefore packing too much formula into the water. I have no idea if this is your issue or if it is even related, but thought I'd throw it out there. So I think that the point is its better to air on the side of less formula in the water so the babies don't get constipated.

I am mostly breastfeeding so I really dont have that much experience but I do give Chloe formula once a day or so here and there so she is used to it :) She seems to gobble it down faster then she nurses ;)

Josi said...

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Stacey said...

We are having the same issues at our house. My house has never been so untidy nor have I ever just not cared about it. I figure I have the rest of our lives to stress about keeping it clean so I'm just going to enjoy these L.A.Z.Y summer days with my babes. I'll never have another summer off unless I quit working and I don't anticipate that happening anytime soon. So we're just going to ignore the mess until Connor doesn't need to be held so much. I LOVE the cuddle phase, but with my 1st I was definitely able to keep the house clean since I didn't have another little "helper" to dirty the house.

I totally "baby wear" too and it helps out, but today my little Connor SCREAMED the whole time I was in the shower just because he wanted me to hold him. Ry is 4 so he does help a lot and will hold him (always while sitting on the couch or in bed) while I shower most days, but today he was more interested in playing Xbox, hence the newborn meltdown.

It's been quite an adjustment going from one kiddo to two. I had no idea. Totally wouldn't trade it for the world, but it's been an adjustment none-the-less.

Your yard and house look fantastic! We still need to get our yard in, so I'm having some serious yard envy.

Love the picture of your girlies. Adorable! ;)

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