Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I am NOT holding a baby right now! :)

Good news: Baby Avery has become a teeny bit better: i.e. less fussy. I am no longer holding her 14 hours out of the day but maybe 12 ( I don't actually count the hours, people... I'm being sarcastic) but it has been sooo nice to actually put her DOWN somewhere while she naps, instead of carry her or tote her around in the front pack. I do love my freedom! We go to the doc tomorrow for her 2 month appointment- which, even though I know she is going to tell me that I just make babies who love to be held all the darn time, it will still be nice to get some feedback.. and reassurance from a diploma'ed expert. Something about that makes me feel so much better! I think my fussy baby is just a "it gets better with age" type of thing- and the older she gets the more she is able to interact and enjoy her world, the less upset she will be if her momma or daddy isn't holding her all the time... at least that's the hope cause carrying a baby all day is tough on a marriage!
Which brings me to my next bitch- my husband is NOT GOOD with tiny babies. He prefers them chubby and sitting up and smiling at him. He definitely does better with Ali than Avery, and I remember him turning on the daddy vibe when Ali was able to actually interact with him and give him some feedback. At least I know there is an end in sight- meaning I don't have to be on Avery duty almost the entire day... cause with Ali I remember being ready to pack up and move away from his non-helpful ass! I am, however, thankful that Ali adores her Daddy, because it is so helpful to have them play together while I take care of miss fussy pants.
Daddy is leaving us for 5 days starting tomorrow to go recruit some kids for the basketball team... and the only thing keeping me going in the thought of being alone with two children is the fact that MY VERY BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is coming to visit me from Texas!!! And she is bringing Riley, her son, who is 8 months old and has not meant Auntie Jelli yet! I CANNOT WAIT is an understatement. As tiring as this whole adjustment from 1 child to 2 has been, and as frustrated as I get with the hubby- it will all be worth it to see her sweet face and just be with her.
Man, I miss her so much- I am going to soak up this weekend with her and that sweet baby boy.


Alexa said...

I love to hear about your new adventures with two. I am so nervous and excited all at the same time.

Yeah, I hear ya on the husband front. They are just not sure what to do with a baby without 'feedback'. Men are sort of like big babies though right? LOL...gotta love 'em!

Stacey said...

LOL! My hubs was exactly the same with both babes... stupid men. (I say that with love of course.) :)

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