Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2 month check-up and I'm tired

It's been one of those days. My dear husband left at 5:45AM for a recruiting trip in Oregon. But before leaving the house, he decided to go kiss Ali goodbye. And wake her up. And leave her screaming for her daddy. This, after I had just been up at 4:00 to feed Avery and it took me about 30 minutes to fall back asleep.
Ali went to daycare today so I could take Avery to her check-up and get some housework done. Dropping her off was horrible and broke my heart. She cried and shook and screamed no, no, no, no over and over. So I cried on the way to the doctor's office.
Then it was time to weigh Avery. And she peed, boy did she pee, all down the side of me- on my shirt, bra, pants. underwear, and one sandal. Awesome.
The good news- the slight gleam of hope in this horrible day is that the doctor has me trying a new formula: Similac Expert Care Alimentum. She thinks Avery has a sensitive tummy and that this could be causing her to cry all day long. She thinks the reason she stops crying when I hold her is that I am helping to soothe her discomfort. The crappy crappy part is that if this does work, and believe me I am hopeful and praying it does, is that the damn stuff costs $30.00 a friggin can. Holy shitake mushrooms, that is alotta moolah. Especially since we have been paying $20 for 2 cans of Kirkland formula. Awesome. Can my life get any more bittersweet.
My prayer for today is that the formula works and that our insurance will cover the cost of it if it does.

Otherwise, Avery is a beautifully healthy little lady.
Weight: 12.3 lbs- 90th percentile
Height: 23.5 inches- 90th percentile
Where did this big, long, skinny baby come from? She has grown 2 1/2 inches in 1 1/2 months and gained 3 lbs! Crazy madness I tell ya!


FROGGITY! said...

oh man do i feel ya.

not on the formula thing (THIRTY DOLLARS?!? it BETTER WORK!!) but on the tired thing/peeing thing/where did this skinny baby come from thing. who knew kids could be so different?!

i feel totally unprepared even though i already have an older child!

all i can say is hang in there! i hope it all works out and that you are able to get some good quality sleep soon...

Sweetbabs said...

I feel for you. I know all to well about the not stop crying baby and the expensive formula. I hope it works for the little one. At least she is growing and putting on weight. :-) Loves!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh deary, I'm sorry! Bittersweet it is...
Oh man, $30..blah!! I know you are tired and I can only imagine having a little one to look after on top of a new baby! Prayers for you!! And housework can always take backseat...if it means rest and relaxing!! :) Stay strong love!

Stacey said...

Sorry about the pee experience. ;) I was actually pooped on 5x one night. Gotta love it. I have a formula tip for you. My 1st had a hard time with reg formula and my doc recommended Enfamil Gentlease. Totally worked. Also, Target makes an "off brand" of the SAME THING for $14 for the big can. Might be worth a try? Good luck! $30 a can is RIDICULOUS!

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