Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poop on the Ground

 Day 2 of Potty Training ended better then it started.  By the time nap time rolled around, we had not made it to the toilet once to tinkle- had slipped twice (Ali, not me) in our own pee puddle and had pooped on the driveway and front porch, smeared it all over our cute pink sandals, and had to be hosed off by a mean mommie who didn't care if the water was cold or not.
I was about ready to quit at that point, but I buckled down, hosed off my almost-2-year-old, put her in a pull-up and sent her to nap time.  The afternoon was muuuuuch better, with NO accidents and only 1 poop in the backyard before bed time.  I think she is catching on as far as peeing in the potty goes- poop is a whole other issue.  I find it so sad that I don't really care as long as she poops outside. I just want to get pee down at this point- small steps people.

So far today- she has had no accidents! We went to the park to play and she wore a pull-up. She did pee while at the park, both in the potty and the pull-up... so I'm not sure if she is really getting it as this point but I feel like I am committed enough to continue the routine at home (i.e. naked bootie and potty every 15 minutes)and use pull-ups when we are away from the safety of home. I figure that I am home on summer vacation- so why not? If she pees in the pull-up, I'm not going to be a quitter.  She is young, and I really do think she will catch on eventually... and I really hope she catches on! I'm too stubborn to stop now!

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Lindsay said...

GOOOD JOB MA'AM! Send Ali-Bee over here to tell Miss Priss it isn't so bad! But I've been lazy and well she says no poopy Mommy, I get diaper...okaaaay! :) haha!!

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