Monday, July 26, 2010

Jelli's World super exciting updates- not really

Here's a little update on what has been happenin' in Little Jelli's World:
  • Potty Training Update:  My stairs smell like urine and Ali is still peeing in the potty- but only when I ask her if she needs to go.  The good news is that, even though she never initiates her bathroom trips, she must be holding it because we have not had many accidents... other than the mysterious urine smell on the stairs...
    • besides yesterday.... Ali woke up Saturday night around 2 AM with a high fever and was very restless. I took her to Urgent Care around 10 when her temp got up to 101.9 - turns out she has Tonsillitis... she ran a fever all day yesterday- refused to eat and use the potty. So therefore, she spent the day in a diaper
  • Today I am happy to report that today she is feeling much better- no more fever- and is eating again.. oh and is back to using the potty!  We are still trying to encourage pooping in the toilet; which for some reason she does not find necessary to do. She has pooped in her panties 3 times, and outside so many times I can't count. This baffles me.
  • KK is out of town for the week: he is in Irvine, CA at Concordia University taking a week-long class for the Master's Degree in Athletic Administration that he is working on.  While I am so proud of him for getting another Master's Degree, the back of my mind worries that we will end up with all this student loan debt (we both are still paying on our previous Master's Degrees in Educational Administration) and there will be no job to compensate.  You see, we live in a relatively small community - and in our immediate area they are only 6 or so high schools- leaving the job pool in a pretty political area of Idaho quite small. KK has lived here his entire life, and has some mixed politics surrounding him because of all his experience in the coaching world. Without going on and on about this random point that I am writing about- I will leave it at : small town politics are ridiculously idiotic and immature. I'm just hoping enough people do like him, since he is a phenomenal coach, awesome teacher and just a great guy, that he would be in the running for a job if said job did open up. I, for one, would not be opposed to moving somewhere for a job, but I think for KK that is out of the question (even though he claims it is not- he's a small town boy at heart).
  • Avery Coy is the sweetest baby in the whole world. She is a talker! She loves to smile and coo and hang out- she is pretty content all the time. She's also starting to use those neck muscles a ton to hold her head up- and she tries to pick up her head when I talk to her to get juuust a little closer! She prefers to sleep on her side and her tummy- and will somehow get herself over even if I lay her on her back- so funny! She's only getting up to eat once a night at 3:00 AM- and has been for the past month or so- which is awesome for me cause I gotta have my sleep! I just love her so very much and I think I squeeze her too much cause I can't get enough of my sweet Baby #2!
  • I just completed the 1st day of Jillian Micheals' 30 Day Shred DVD and I am proud to say that, even though I am a lard and totally out of shape, I did not die or give up or even cheat. I am going to try super duper hard to keep it up for the full 30 days- I need to get the baby fat belly flab gone before my 10 yr reunion in 3 weeks! Plus, I don't want the red pant line on my tummy anymore from my shorts being too dang tight !  ...But this DVD is a great workout- and it only takes 20 minutes to do, which is totally realistic for me and makes it that much easier to stick to.  I admit, I wanted to punch Jillian in the face throughout the workout, cause she just bugs me anyway, but I am really excited and ready to get into a workout routine that works for a busy momma's life.  Hopefully this will encourage me to eat a little better...cause I do love my food!
So yeah and stuff... we're keeping pretty busy here and enjoying the 90 plus degree weather. Gonna head to my Mom and Dad's house to swim (they live on a river) once Ali Bananas wakes from her slumber!

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FROGGITY! said...

oooh, 30 day shred. that sounds appealing right now. sigh. i have so much to lose. grr.

your kiddos are darling as usual!

potty training is so hard, bless her heart that she got sick during it! i hope she's feeling better. bless you for hanging in there with the PT!

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