Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My life is all about poop and pee

So I have started the oh-so-fun task of potty training Miss Ali. She has been telling us for the past week that she wants to go potty.. so I decided to take advantage of her interest.  I have confined us to the house, and every 10-12 minutes or so I take her to sit on the potty.  I give her 2 M & Ms each time she sits, and a whole handful of M &Ms when she tinkles IN the potty...

Here's some stats from our first day:

Number of times Ali actually went in the potty: 5
Number of times Ali went pee pee on the floor: 4
Number of times Ali told me she had to pee: 2
Number of times Ali pooped in the backyard: 1
Number of times Ali pooped on the living room floor, then stepped in it and smeared it all over the carpet: 1

So here we are on day 2 of this horrendous, fantastic experience.  We have already peed on the floor once are hopefully going to make it to the toilet next time.  I also find myself in the depths of guilt- because we are staying home and near the potty- this kid has watched more Mickey Mouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Jack's Big Music Show then I care to talk about.... here's hoping it's all worth it!


Stacey said...

Oh, I remember those days. We potty trained twice. Ry wanted to start around 2 but I totally got sick of the messes and gave up. The 2nd time we trained it went much smoother. Hang in there! ;) B4 you know it she'll be all done and a total big girl. Then you'll get to visit every public bathroom available, LOL! Ah, the joys of motherhood, right?

Sweetbabs said...

Keep us updated on how that goes. I have been thinking about it for a month now but can see staying in when the weather is so nice. I'm shooting for fall, early winter. Good luck!!!! What a trooper you are doing it with a two month old!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. I loathe potty training. But one day, it just clicks! And you are good to go! GOod luck and hang in there!
And watch your step! There might be poo-poo on the floor. :)

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