Monday, January 17, 2011

A day off?

Happy Monday!! I am enjoying a fabulous day off from work... and really wishing I had Monday's off- I could get used to this!  Seriously, it is amazing how much a girl can get done with an extra day to do it!

My sweet babes are taking a nap; I am getting ready to mop the orange juice I spilled off the floor... and I'm excited because CSN stores has asked me to do a product review!
Now... what to review, what to review?  It is so hard to decide, because they've got website for everything from baby toys, to interior upkeep, even a laptop messenger bag that the hubby has decided is a must have (but don't worry, I'm NOT going to order something for him... I'm doing this one for myself!!)

So hop on over to, check out their amazing websites and cheap products.. and stayed tuned for my review of some fun item I decide to review!

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