Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ali's Haircut and my birthday

Ali bananas got her 1st "official" haircut last week!  It was time to cut off that slightly curly, kinda nappy baby hair that was always getting tangled...

I took her to my good friend, Jen, who has been cutting my hair for years.  She did so great! She held really still and felt so cool - it was adorable.  We decided to add some bangs, too!

She's pretty sassy since the haircut.. not sure if we're now in Ms. Independent Terrible Twos, or if the haircut has gone to her head !

...and on another note. Monday is my 29th (gulp) birthday.  And let me tell you- since having my 2nd child, I really am starting to feel my age. I have become more nerdy, less trendy, and definitely not young, cool,or hip (like I ever was.. but less so now than ever!)
So here's my dream list of gifts I wish I would receive for my 29th year of life:
The iphone 4

A kindle, or any other hand-held reading device

An ipad

Xbox 360 with Kinect

A pair of BKE dark jeans with white stitching

A full night's sleep withOUT a 2 year old in my bed

1 comment:

Ann said...

I think you're hip! :) LOL I was just thinking the exact same thing actually! Jim got me a necklace for valentines day that i was like, man, are you ever going to get my style? this is so your mom....and then I put it on and I love it...eek! :) Happy Birthday, Kelli!!!! we love you!!!

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