Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Year 29

We celebrated my 29th birthday on Monday, and I wanted to make a list of goals for the last year of my roaring 20s.  This is a sporadic list  (in random order) of what I want to work on, and keep myself accountable too.   At this point in my life, I want to make solid, attainable goals and achieve them!

1.  My first priority is me.  I want to be healthier and more active. 
2.  Incorporate activity and exercise into my every day routine- and no longer look at exercise as a sporadic chore
3.  Take more pride in my appearance and buy up to date clothing/accessories that make me feel good about how I look
4.  Really listen to my husband and take time to cherish him.  I chose him to be my life partner, and I need to put more time and energy into that commitment
5.  Spend more time with God, at church, and in the Word. Nourish a Christian relationship in my home and be an example to my spouse and children
6.  Research and work hard on being a better parent and find a constructive way to discipline
7. Give more energy and dedication to my job and my students. Be more innovative and give everything to my lesson planning and teaching to create a better environment for learning
8. Be an optimist. Focus on the positive and BE THANKFUL for everything I do have. Do not give my mind over to the negative or self loathing
9. Slow down and cherish my life


FROGGITY! said...

that sounds great! cheers to 29!! and... happy birthday!!!

Ann said...

great goals! I feel like I have a lot of those same goals as well. :) hope you had a wonderful day!

Alexa said...

I love your list! I might have to swipe a few of those :). Happy Birthday Bloggy friend!!

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