Thursday, November 8, 2007


We've had a breakthrough on the baby-making front. Before you pee your pants... I'm not pregnant. I do, however, now know that I was not ovulating when every website/books/discussion board, etc. says you normally ovulate. I've been taking my temperature every day this month, and thanks to my handy dandy basil body thermometer , I now realize that I am ovulating one week later then previously suspected. Interesting, I know. And quite a realization, I might add.
Silly us- we were doing it so much the week before, we were too tired to even make an effort the week after, thus completely missing the egg-sperm rond-a-voo! (how you do spell that??)
So, I can breath a big sigh of relief. I know my who-ha, and his swimmers, are doing their jobs, they just need more time is all.
Now, armed with this fascinating knowledge, I should be pregnant within the next two cycles! ...Right, because it's as simple as that.

Keep us in your prayers, ladies!


Rachel said...

i read we had a breakthrough and seriously held my breath. haha. it's good that you found out when you are really ovulating... hopefully soon we'll be hearing the big news! i'll say a prayer for you and hubby tonight. good luck girl!

Andrea said...

Prayers are sent your way. My hubs and I were lucky but I know it isn't that easy for anyone. Hoping you have a quick conception!

Andrea said...

OH bless I WISH I had advice! Some friends of mine have been trying for a while. When I got pregnant the first time ( - feel free to read here) I thought the second time would take forever, but 2 months later...poof! I do however, eat a TON of vegi's and I heard that helps with Vitamin C or something. Also if you start taking pre-natals now sometimes that helps? My only advice is to not stress or worry about it and it will happen. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful :)

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